Richmond Race Results: September 10, 2021 (NASCAR Whelen Modified)

NASCAR Modified results from Richmond Raceway

Tonight, Richmond Raceway is set to host the NASCAR Whelen Modified Series on the 0.75-mile oval. This is the first Whelen Modified Tour event at Richmond since 2002.

View Richmond Raceway results for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Series below.

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The field has some superstars in it. NASCAR Cup Series drivers Ryan Preece and Ryan Newman are both set to roll.

Justin Bonsignore and Patrick Emerling set the front row. 150 laps of short track racing are up next…

Richmond Modified
Race Report

Green flag, Bonsignore gets the jump on the inside. Ryan Preece follows him through and takes 2nd off turn two. Preece has a run on Bonsignore off turn four and he clears him back into turn one. Preece leads the field.

Lap 7, Bonsignore fights for the lead in turn three. He clears him by just inches into turn one and returns to the lead.

Lap 12, Preece has a run on Bonsignore off turn two. He drives it deep to the bottom and clears him, Preece leads. As these two continue to race at the front, the rest of the field is closing.

Lap 19, Bobby Santos slows with smoke billowing and the caution is out.

Green, Preece noses ahead on the inside lane. Bonsignore rolls the outside in turn one and he has a run off turn two. He crosses under Preece off turn two but can’t complete the pass on the inside of three.

Lap 26, Bonsignore drives it deep into turn three on the inside and returns to the race lead. Behind them, Ed McCarthy gets turned into turn outside wall and Dave Sapienza is collected to bring out another caution.

Green, Preece spins the tires slightly at the launch and Bonsignore hangs onto his right rear into turn one. Preece leads off turn two. Ryan Newman has sliced from last to 3rd.

Lap 34, Bonsignore has a run into turn three, he drives it deep into the corner and clears Preece once again.

Lap 36, Preece has a run on Bonsignore off turn two. He drives it deep into turn three and clears him. They’re dicing at the front.

Patrick Emerling slows with a mechanical issue, no caution.

Lap 44

Lap 44, Ryan Newman has a run on Bonsignore off turn two. He drives deep to the inside in turn three, clear. Preece leads Newman by three car lengths.

Lap 50, Newman enters half a lane higher in turn three. He late apexes turn four and crosses under Preece. Newman completes the pass for the lead into turn one.

Lap 55, the caution is out for debris.

Most of the leaders hit the pit lane. Andrew Krause and Tyler Rypkema line up at the front. Preece restarts 4th, Newman 9th.

Green, Rypkema and Krause run even into turn one.

Penalty: Rypkema stepped on the gas too soon and will serve a pit penalty for the restart violation.

Lap 64, Newman gets shoved up the track and he chases it all the way up the banking. He nearly tags the wall but keeps it rolling as he falls outside the top 20. Preece is flying through the field once again.

Lap 65, Preece has a run on Krause into turn three, he drives it deep to the inside, clear. Moments later, Ronnie Williams has a run on Preece, Williams takes the lead for the first time tonight.

Lap 75, Justin Bonsignore pulls to the garage with an issue. He’s in a battle for the points lead.

Lap 93

Lap 93, Justin Bosignore re-enters the track but he stalls on the apron, caution.

Most of the leaders return to the pit lane. Krause, Silk and others stay out. Williams restarts 3rd. Four tires for Preece, he’ll restart 8th.

Green, Kraus leads into turn one on the inside. Preece is slicing through the field behind. Williams has a run on Kraus into turn three, clear.

49 to go, Williams leads as Preece works to the outside of Jon McKennedy for 2nd, he takes it with an outside move.

48 to go, Preece builds momentum on the outside. He crosses under Williams off the corner and takes the lead.

25 to go, Preece leads Williams by 6 car lengths by the leader works heavy lap traffic. Preece runs three wide with lap traffic, Williams closes to within 3 car lengths.

23 to go, Eric Goodale and Jamie Tomaino tangle into turn one, caution.

Green, Preece leads Williams by a car length into turn one. Ryan Newman, dives to the inside of Doug Coby and forces it three wide into turn one. Kyle Ebersole turns down on Coby, unknown to him they’re three wide. Woody Pitkat and others are collected, caution.

Newman hits the pit lane for new tires.He’ll restart 13th, the tail of the lead lap.

Green, Preece leads into turn one. Jon McKennedy follows him through to take 2nd off turn two.

10 to go

10 to go, Eric Goodale, Andrew Kraus and Woody Pitkit run three wide into turn one. They tangle as they fight for space, caution.

Green, Preece leads as Williams follows him through on the inside. Williams runs wide off turn two and nearly tags the wall. Williams throws a block into turn three.

Ryan Newman bounces off the wall at the flag stand. He tags Kyle Ebersole who then collects Ron Silk. The caution is out.

— Overtime —

Green, Preece leads into turn one. Williams and McKennedy run side by side for 2nd.

1 to go, Preece opens the gap as they remain side by side for 2nd.

Ryan Preece wins at Richmond Raceway!

Richmond Raceway Results
September 10, 2021
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour

Pos | Driver

1. Ryan Preece
2. Jon McKennedy
3. Ronnie Williams
4. Ryan Newman
5. Doug Coby
6. Kyle Bonsignore
7. Austin Beers
8. Andy Jankowiak
9. Burt Myers
10. Woody Pitkit
11. Anthony Nocella
12. Tyler Rypkema
13. Eric Goodale
14. Ed McCarthy
15. Bobby Measmer
16. JB Fortin
17. Walter Sutcliffe Jr
18. Kyle Ebersole
19. Ron Silk
20. Andrew Krause
21. Jamie Tomaino
22. Melissa Fifield
23. Bobby Santos
24. Justin Bosignore
25. Patrick Emerling
26. Dave Sapienza

NASCAR Whelen Modified
Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Points



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