Dirt Track at Las Vegas Results: November 13, 2021 ($100k to win)

Duel in the Desert finale results

Tonight, a week long show in Las Vegas comes to a close. The half-mile Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is set to host the Duel in the Desert finale. Several drivers are eligible for a bonus, increasing the winning payout to $100,000.

View full Duel in the Desert results from the dirt track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway below.

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Nov 12 | Nov 13

Double Payout ($100k): Drivers who ran Bristol and Texas are eligible to double their purse. Those include: Overton, Pierce, Bloomquist, and Briggs.

Brandon Overton has an issue on the warmup laps. He was scheduled to start on the outside row. Now, he’ll go to back following the tire change.

Base pay is $50,000 to the race winner but a few have a $100,000 option. Ricky Thornton Jr and Jonathan Davenport set the front row. 77 laps of dirt late model racing are up next…

Late Model
Main Event

Green flag, Davenport gets the jump on the outside lane. Thornton Jr pulls even on the inside lane into turn one. Thornton Jr noses ahead into turn three, Thornton Jr leads.

Lap 2, Davenport knocks the cushion in turn three. He powers right by Thornton Jr to retake the race lead.

Lap 5, Davenport rolls the cushion and Thornton Jr works the inside lane. Davenport has caught the tail of the field, he opens the gap as the lap cars run the inside lane.

Lap 6, Scott Bloomquist slows and the caution is out.

Green, Davenport leads as Thornton Jr and McCreadie run side by side for 2nd, McCreadie takes that spot on the outside off turn two.

Lap 10, Ricky Thornton Jr slows with a flat right rear, caution.

Green, Davenport leads McCreadie into turn one. Bobby Pierce slides Josh Richards for 3rd into turn three.

Lap 15, Davenport bobbles in turn four but he holds the lead. McCreadie has closed to five car lengths.

Lap 19, Tim MCCreadie has closed to within a car length of the leader. Davenport throws a slider on lap traffic and opens the gap.

Lap 26, Chris Ferguson slows from 4th and the caution is out. He has a flat right rear.

Overton also returns to the pit lane under this caution.

Green, Davenport leads as McCreadie and Pierce run side by side for 2nd. Pierce works the bottom in turn three, he slides to the wall, inches clear on the nose of McCreadie off turn four, Pierce to 2nd.

Lap 30

Lap 30, Ricky Thronton Jr has climbed back to 4th. He was on the pit lane just 20 laps ago.

Lap 33, Billy Moyer Jr slows with a flat tire, caution.

Green, Davenport fires from the cushion and leads into turn one. McCreadie and Pierce run side by side for 2nd, Thornton Jr looks to the middle to make it three wide for 2nd. Pierce wins that battle via the inside.

Lap 35. Bricen James comes to a stop in turn two, caution.

Green, Davenport leads. Pierce and McCreadie run side by side into turn one, Pierce wins the battle on the bottom off turn two.

Lap 40, Davenport leads on the cushion and opens the gap as Pierce works the inside lane.

Lap 42, Scott Bloomquist slows and the caution is out.

Green, Davenport leads Pierce into turn one.

Lap 47, Justin Duty slows and the caution is back out.

Green, Davenport leads. Pierce spins the tires and Thornton Jr takes 2nd on the outside lane.

Lap 48, Thornton Jr looks inside of Davenport. He pulls even but can’t clear him off the corner.

Lap 50, Davenport has some smoke billowing from the back of his machine! He still leads.

Lap 54

Lap 54, Davenport jumps the cushion! His nose digs into the track and he tags the wall! The engine is on fire as Davenport comes to a stop.

Green, Thornton Jr fires from the middle. Pierce nearly gets to his right rear before the starting line but Thornton Jr shuts the door, light contact.

Pierce slides Thornton Jr into turn three, Pierce to the lead! Thornton Jr fights back but can;t retake the spot.

Lap 60, Jason Papich slows, caution.

Green, Pierce leads into turn one. Thornton Jr dives to the inside, pulls even but he can;t win the race off turn two.

Lap 64, Tim McCreadie spins and the caution is out.

Green, Pierce fires from the cushion and he’s clear by three car lengths into turn one.

11 to go, Richards crosses under Thornton Jr off turn four to take 2nd away.

10 to go, Richards knocks the cushion in turn three. He bicycles but holds off Thornton Jr for 2nd.

5 to go, Pierce leads Richards by 3 seconds.

Bobby Pierce wins on the Dirt Track at Las Vegas! That’s a $100,000 payday!

Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Race Results
Late Models
November 13, 2021

View full results from the Las Vegas dirt track below.


Hot Laps (Combined) : 1. Jeff Smith (19.095); 2. Rob Mayea (19.326); 3. Joe Godsey (19.551); 4. Brandon Overton (19.580); 5. Scott Bloomquist (19.687); 6. Jonathan Davenport; 7. Jason Papich; 8. Josh Richards; 9. Billy Moyer Jr; 10. Bricen James;

11. Jason Miles; 12. Johnny Scott; 13. Boom Briggs; 14. Ricky Thornton Jr; 15. Cody Laney; 16. Tim McCreadie; 17. Justin Duty; 18. Morgan Bagley; 19. Wyatt Howard; 20. Benjamin Crawford;

21. Brody Montgomery; 22. Jeff Roth; 23. Bobby Pierce; 24. Billy Moyer; 25. Chris Ferguson; 26. McLain Beaudoin; 27. Jeff Schildmeyer; 28. Rusty Schlenk; 29. Steve Stultz; 30. Stormy Scott;


Qualifying (Group A) : 1. Ricky Thornton Jr (17.907); 2. Tim McCreadie (18.013); 3. Cody Laney (18.019); 4. Billy Moyer Jr (18.096); 5. Bobby Pierce (18.158); 6. Chris Ferguson; 7. Billy Moyer; 8. Morgan Bagley; 9. Johnny Scott; 10. Justin Duty; 11. Rusty Schlenk; 12. Brody Montgomery; 13. McLain Beaudoin; 14. Steve Stultz;

Qualifying (Group B) : 1. Brandon Overton (16.934); 2. Jonathan Davenport (17.168); 3. Jeff Smith (17.454); 4. Joe Godsey (17.458); 5. Scott Bloomquist (17.496); 6. Josh Richards; 7. Jason Papich; 8. Rob Mayea; 9. Jason Miles; 10. Bricen James; 11. Jeff Schildmeyer; 12. Jeff Roth; 13. Wyatt Howard;

Heat Races

Heat 1 (8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Ricky Thornton Jr; 2. Billy Moyer; 3. Johnny Scott; 4. Bobby Pierce; 5. Rusty Schlenk; 6. McLain Beaudoin; 7. Cody Laney;

Heat 2 (8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Tim McCreadie; 2. Billy Moyer Jr; 3. Chris Ferguson; 4. Morgan Bagley; 5. Justin Duty; 6. Steve Stultz; 7. Brody Montgomery;

Heat 3 (8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Brandon Overton; 2. Scott Bloomquist; 3. Jeff Smith; 4. Jason Papich; 5. Jason Miles; 6. Jeff Schildmeyer; 7. Wyatt Howard;

Heat 4 (8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Jonathan Davenport; 2. Josh Richards; 3. Joe Godsey; 4. Boom Briggs; 5. Bricen James; 6. Rob Mayea;


B Main 1 (10 Laps – Top 8 Transfer) : 1. Justin Duty; 2. Rusty Schlenk; 3. Cody Laney; 4. Bricen James; 5. Jason Miles; 6. Steve Stultz; 7. Rob Mayea; 8. Brody Montgomery; 9. Jeff Schildmeyer; 10. Wyatt Howard;

Duel in the Desert
Feature Results
November 13, 2021

77 Laps – $50,000/$100,000 to win

Pos | Driver

1. Bobby Pierce ($100,000)
2. Josh Richards
3. Ricky Thornton Jr
4. Billy Moyer
5. Johnny Scott
6. Scott Bloomquist
7. Billy Moyer Jr
8. Morgan Bagley
9. Chris Ferguson
10. Jason Papich
11. Rusty Schlenk
12. Boom Briggs
13. Jeff Smith
14. Jasom Miles
15. Brody Montgomery
16. Steve Stultz
17. Tim McCreadie
18. Jonathan Davenport
19. Justin Duty
20. Cody Laney
21. Brandon Overton
22. Bricen James
23. Rob Mayea
24. Joe Godsey


Dirt Track at Las Vegas