Daison Pursley transported to hospital after crash

Racing community reaches out to family

On Saturday night, the USAC National Midget Series visited San Tan Valley, AZ. There was a horrible crash at the 1/3-mile high-banked oval of Arizona Speedway.

17-year-old Daison Pursley was racing Bubby Kofoid for the final transfer spot in heat race number three. The two drivers fought for space at the end of the straight away.

Wheel to wheel contact sent Pursley into the air. He went into an immediate barrel roll. The car then landed nose first and began front flipping into the corner. The car rode along the outside wall, flipping five or six times.

Officials reached the car quickly. Pursley was alert but needed help to be pulled from the car.

The driver was transported to a local hospital. Doctors discovered he had a broken C4-C5 vertebrae.

Family issues medical updates

On Sunday morning, Pursley’s mother Shawnda shared an update via social media:

“Daison has a severe spinal cord injury, stated Shawnda Pursley. “He will have surgery at 11am [Sunday] this morning to repair C4 & C5 and fuse them. We need the prayers to continue, please…”

“It’s going to be a daya-to-day, even hour-to-hour of events at this time.”

She followed with an update after surgery, “Surgery went well on fusing C3 to C5, the spinal cord was aggravated a little more than she thought it would be.”

“He is going to stay on the ventilator for the night so he can get some rest.”

“We will continue to monitor swelling and contusion on spinal cord and see if tingling in the body subsided and movement starts to improve more.”

“She added, “Thank you all for everything! The text and calls and messages and ALL the posts are so heartwarming for us.”

Racing community comments

Buddy Kofoid: “Thinking of my good friend Daison Pursley and his family right now. Everyone please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.”

Robert Ballou: “Hope everyone can take a minute and give Daison Pursley a prayer and keep the thoughts with his family horrible accident last night causing him to break c4&5 surgery at 11mt to fuse them, hopeful his doctors can fix him up.”

Christopher Bell: “Thinking about Daison Pursley and his family. Please join me in praying for him!

Max Papis: “All my love is with Daison Pursley hoping for a positive recovery … we are all with you CHAMP”

Kelley Earnhardt: “Please pray for Daison Pursley and his family. Great people! Great young kid!”

Toyota Racing: “Everyone at TRD and Toyota are keeping Daison and his family in our thoughts after last night’s accident. Daison has been a part of the Toyota Racing family for several years and we’ll be by his side as he fights through his injuries.”


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