NASCAR looks into flying cars

NASCAR checks the temperature on flying cars from the perspective of a race fan

The sport is regularly looking far ahead. In this case, they might not be looking as far out as you might think.

The NASCAR fan council is a group of approved fans who regularly put in votes for changes they’d like to see. It’s no official vote of the future but it’s a way for NASCAR to stay in touch with what their biggest fans are looking for out of the future.

In the most recent survey, NASCAR asked what kind of vehicles they’d like to see at exhibition events. To the surprise of many, one of the choice options was “Flying Cars.”

Ben Kennedy, NASCAR senior vice president of strategy and innovation recently detailed how far into the future NASCAR has been looking. He explained that he asked his staff to put together a far-out racing scheduled for 2031. They intend to use that schedule as a road map.

Flying cars might not be as far fetched as you might think. Nor would it take 2031 to get there.


We’ve been expecting flying cars because Hollywood keeps telling us that’s our future. Yet, the flying car has never become a reality.

Until recently, Airspeeder is a racing series, from the air. Pilots will race through ocean, desert, snow and canyon landscapes.

These planes look like drone style aircraft with enough room for a single pilot. The pilot onboard will control the machine. The new-age racing series will debut with 2 teams but intend to grow to 10 teams and 20 racers in 2022.

Fans will be able to watch these events in person. Additionally, the aircraft features a wide range of camera angles including one from the pilots view.

The series has yet to release a schedule. However, you can watch videos below of the flying cars in action.

Amid reports of NASCAR’s curiosity in flying cars, the Airspeeder series posted the following tweet.

Airspeeder and NASCAR

Airspeeder Video

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