Daytona 500 inspection issues

Two NASCAR teams penalized ahead of the Daytona 500; Two ejected

They’ve been on track in Daytona Beach, FL for nearly a full week. Today, it’s the big day, the Daytona 500 for the NASCAR Cup Series.

Ahead of the race, teams must roll through the inspection line. NASCAR officials scan each car and check many other items to make sure each car fits to the rulebook.

This marks the first points race for the new next gen car. The car itself, is a spec machine. However, teams still push the spec chassis to the limit in every line of the rule book, that’s where the speed is.

Daytona 500 inspection failures

Chase Briscoe failed two times. On the fourth time, he passed the inspection. Briscoe’s machine failed the decklid inspection.

Daniel Hemric had more issues. He failed pre-race inspection three times and only passed on the fourth.

Engineer George Spencer for Briscoe has been ejected. Car chief JD Frey for Hemric has also been ejected.

Additionally, the No. 22 of Joey Logano will drop to the rear for going to a backup car. The 27 of Jacques Villeneuve will drop to the rear for an engine change.

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NASCAR Inspection Rules

1 Inspection failure: No penalty, the team gets to go to the back of the inspection line and try again.

2 inspection failures: If a team fails twice, NASCAR will send that car to the rear of the field.

3 inspection failures: A crew member is ejected.

4 inspection failures: They have to start at the rear. In addition, the car has to serve a pass through penalty on pit lane at the start of the race.

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