Charlotte Race Results: May 27, 2022 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA race results from Charlotte Motor Speedway

Today, the ARCA Menards Series is set to begin the busy race weekend in Concord, North Carolina. The 1.5-mile of Charlotte Motor Speedway is set to host the General Tire 150.

View the Charlotte race results for the ARCA Menards Series below.

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Brandon Jones and Drew Dollar set the front row. 100 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Race Report

Green flag, Jones gets the jump but Dollar pulls even into turn one. Dollar noses ahead off turn two but he runs wide in turn three. Jones drives by on the inside to lead the field back to the line. Rajah Caruth moves to 2nd.

Lap 2, Caruth has a run on Jones into turn three. He looks to the inside, Jones blocks and Caruth heads for the top instead. Caruth builds a run and drives right by to take the lead.

Lap 3, Parker Chase has an electrical fire in the cockpit. He slows. Josh White is in the wall and Daniel Dye pinches Drew Dollar in the wall into turn one. Multiple incidents and the yellow is out. Dollar heads for the garage.

Green, Caruth and Jones run side by side into turn one. Caruth noses ahead on the inside lane into turn three.

Lap 23

Lap 23, Andy Jankowiak is in the wall in turn three, caution.

Bryan Dauzat runs into Daniel Dye, under the caution. It appears to be an accident.

Green, Caruth spins the tires. Nick Sanchez pushes Corey Heim to the lead before turn one. Sanchez cuts to his inside, side by side for the lead. They fight for space, Sanchez completes the pass on the inside in turn one.

Lap 32, Will Kimmel is in the wall after running 5th. He comes to a stop and the car is on fire.

Green, Sanchez gets the jump and Heim spins the tires. Sanchez leads in turn one as Caruth returns to 2nd.

Lap 45, Caruith looks inside of Sanchez. They run side by side and fight for space into turn three. Sanchez hangs on his right rear off turn four but Caruth clears himself and stuffs Sanchez into the wall. No caution as Sanchez continues with moderate damage.

Jankowiak is on fire, caution.

Race Break

The caution doubles as the race break. The field heads for the pit lane. Zachary Tinkle has lost a wheel. Connor Mosack stays out, the only car to do so.

Green Caruth and Mosack run side by side off turn two. Mosack gets loose on the inside, Caruth to the lead.

43 to go, Caruth gets sidways in turn two. He lifts and Corey Heim drives by to take the lead.

30 to go, Brandon Jones has a run on Corey Heim. Jones drives deep on the outside in turn three as Heim bobbles on the inside. He squeezes between Heim on the outside wall. Jones to the lead!

20 to go, Rajah Caruth is holding 3rd but fighting an extremely loose machine. He skates all the way up the track and tags the wall with the right rear but keeps it rolling.

10 to go, Brandon Jones leads Heim by 7 seconds.

6 to go, Nick Sanchez pits from 4th under green. He thought he had a tire down but they’re all up.

Brandon Jones wins at Charlotte Motor Speedway!

ARCA Race Results
Charlotte Motor Speedway
May 27, 2022

Pos | Driver

1. Brandon Jones
2. Corey Heim
3. Rajah Caruth
4. Connor Mosack
5. Greg Van Alst
6. Daniel Dye
7. Amber Balcean
8. Nick Sanchez
9. Tony Cosentino
10. Sean Corr
11. Toni Breidinger
12. Matt Wilson
13. Ryan Huff
14. Brad Smith
15. Parker Chase
16. Christian Rose
17. Zachary Tinkle
18. Andy Jankowiak
19. Will Kimmel
20. Bryan Dauzat
21. Tommy Vigh Jr
22. Dick Doheny
23. Tim Monroe
24. Drew Dollar
25. Josh White
26. Tim Richmond

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