Austin Dillon vs Brad Keselowski at New Hampshire (Video)

The two NASCAR drivers ran into each other multiple times under a caution at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

On Sunday, the NASCAR Cup Series took the green flag in Loudon, NH. The race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway didn’t go without drama.

late in stage 2, Kyle Busch spun out on his own, bringing out a caution. As the field rolled under caution, Brad Keselowski and Austin Dillon traded paint.

First, Dillon turned into Keselowski.

“Then Brad just loses it,” Dale Earnhardt Jr stated from the broadcast booth.

Keselowski turned hard left and smacked Dillon much harder than the first contact. He then rode his door, all the way to turn three. He attempted to turn into him once more and spin him out but he didn’t make hard enough contact as Dillon was able to keep it from spinning out.

“The guy tried to wreck me down the backstretch,” Keselowski yelled over the team radio.

What led up to that? It remains unclear as television cameras didn’t catch any prior contact.

Austin Dillon comments on Brad Keselowski

“It’s just hard racing, I guess,” Austin Dillon told NBC Sports.

“We’ve gone at it a couple times the last two years. One time, I hit really hard. So, just don’t like the way certain people race me.”

Dillon was referring to a crash at Michigan last year. Keselowski hooked Dillon in the right rear and sent him into the wall after a side draft gone wrong.

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“Probably not the right way to do it, under the caution. We weren’t very good today. We’ll fight on at the next race.”

The No. 3 driver was asked if they’ll have a conversation.

Dillon added, “Na. I don’t talk to him.”

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Brad Keselowski comments

Brad Keselowski - RFK Racing
Brad Keselowski – RFK Racing

“Hot in the cars and we all let our tempers get the best of us,” Brad Keselowski told NBC after the race.

“We had a decent day. Climbed really far there in that last run. We went from the late teens to twenties and drop up to 7th on that last run.”

“An up and down day. It’s good to finish on an upper.”

The No. 6 driver was asked to respond to Austin Dillon saying that he doesn’t like the way Brad races him.

Keselowski added, “I’ll talk to him privately. I don’t need to be a jerk over the media.”

New Hampshire Race Results: July 17, 2022 (NASCAR Cup Series)

Austin Dillon vs Brad Keselowski
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
July 17, 2022


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