Denny Hamlin gave William Byron the finger in The Clash

After the race, the two drivers talked it out and discovered it was Kevin Harvick that caused the misunderstanding

Last weekend, the 2023 NASCAR season began with a bang. A 1/4-mile temporary oval inside the Los Angeles Coliseum hosted an exhibition event to begin the year.

As Martin Truex Jr drove to victory lane, you may have noticed Denny Hamlin parked sideways on the track. He was sideways after the race concluded and gave the bird to a competitor.

Denny Hamlin and William Byron have a bit of a history. The feud was nearly re-ignited in Los Angeles, California.

In September 2022, William Byron turned Denny Hamlin under caution at Texas Motor Speedway. Byron was retaliating as he was under the impression that Hamlin ran him into the wall as they raced side by side for 2nd.

Denny Hamlin vs William Byron at Texas Motor Speedway (Video)

NASCAR reacted by handing a $50,000 fine to Byron. However, Hendrick Motorsports appealed the penalty. The appeals panel elected to double the fine to $100,000.

NASCAR issues $125,000 in fines to Byron, Gibbs after Texas

Denny Hamlin comments on The Clash

Denny Hamlin, Austin Dillon, Ryan Blaney, Todd Gilliland - Clash at the Coliseum - NASCAR Cup Series
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 04: Denny Hamlin, driver of the #11 Sport Clips Haircuts Toyota, Austin Dillon, driver of the #3 Get Bioethanol Chevrolet, Ryan Blaney, driver of the #12 Menards/Great Lakes Flooring Ford, and Michael McDowell, driver of the #34 Ford, practice for the NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum at Los Angeles Coliseum on February 04, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

“The race, God, it was so crazy,” Denny Hamlin stated via his new Actions Detrimental podcast.

“Once I got spun, it’s the worst racing, back there. You’re not even racing, really. You’re just kind of bumping the car in front of you. It just one person that’s two rows back to get pissed at somebody. They just drive in and blatantly take out that person. But, that person doesn’t spin. It’s the person in front of them that spins.”

“I’m looking around, after the race. I don’t know who to be mad at. All the wrecks that we had, nobody was fighting. You wanna know why? We all got out of the car, ‘I don’t know who’s responsible.’ “

“We’re running the fine line of entertainment and racing, at the Clash now. … If you could spread us out, it might not provide the boxing type of entertainment. But, I’m wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze on this deal.”

“I’d love to know NASCAR’s feeling about it. Surely they don’t like us running around 30mph under caution for all that time.”

William Byron vs Denny Hamlin

“At the end of the race, I got taken out, again,” Hamlin stated.

“By Byron, and I was pissed. I was spun around sideways on the track and I’m giving him the finger. And he’s not really doing anything or retaliating.”

“So, I get out of the car, I mean mug him. Then, I walk over to him like, ‘Dude, what the fuck? I didn’t touch you. You blew the corner.’ “

“He’s like, ‘No bro, Harvick was pissed at me. He power drove me after the race and I just ran into you.’ “

“I’m like, ‘Oh shit. Man, I’m sorry. That’s my fault.’ “


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