3 of 4 SHR drivers form study group; The one excluded is surprised

Noah Gragson, Josh Berry and Chase Briscoe formed a study group to study NASCAR data; All three out qualified Ryan Preece who was surprised to hear about the study group

Ahead of the race at Kansas Speedway, Noah Gragson told the media that he and teammates Josh Berry and Chase Briscoe had created a study group. Together, they study data and driving techniques of competitors.

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Gragson also noted the door was open to others who wanted to join the group. As of the time, three of the four Stewart-Haas Racing racing were in the group.

Ryan Preece was the lone SHR driver excluded from the group.

In qualifying, Gragson qualified 3rd, Briscoe was 10th and Josh Berry was 17th. Two of those three made it into the final round of qualifying.

Kansas Qualifying Results

Preece, the only SHR driver that wasn’t a part of the group qualified deeper in the field with 32nd place effort. He was made aware of the group via social media.

Preece responded, “Study group that I wasn’t aware of.”

All three drivers in the study group also outperformed Preece in the race on Sunday.

Kansas Results: May 5, 2024 (NASCAR Cup Series)


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