Racing News - Indycar Racing News Sun, 02 Oct 2022 01:59:37 +0000 en-us hourly 1 Indycar drivers sound off as Colton Herta denied F1 superlicence Sat, 17 Sep 2022 15:58:58 +0000 Shane Walters Red Bull had interest in signing Colton Herta for F1 in 2023; The FIA won’t allow it

Colton Herta has won 7 Indycar races over his five year career. However, he’s still not adequate for F1, per a goofy licence system that’s extra difficult on American drivers.

Red Bull was interested in signing Herta to drive for their AlphaTauri team in 2023. The team noted that Herta would replace Pierre Gasly, if Herta could meet requirements.

This week, the team announced they have abandoned those efforts.

In order to race in F1, Harta needed the mandatory superlicence. 40 points would have granted him the licence automatically. However, results from Indycar only offered 32 of the 40 points.

Despite this, Red Bull requested an exemption from the FIA. That request has been denied.

Had Herta won the Indycar championship, he would have earned enough points. Options remained for Herta to race in several international winter series to obtain additional points. However, Red Bull had opted not to use that option due to risks.

Both the F2 and Indycar champion earn enough points to automatically claim a superlicence. Yet, from 2nd place down, less points are offered to Indycar drivers over the F2 standings. The FIA gives more weight to F2 competition.

Had Herta left his Andretti contract in Indycar, then also not reached the points required for a superlicence, then he would have been out of an Indycar ride as well as a F1 ride in 2023.

“It’s a shame that people don’t realize what value an American driver, especially a guy like Colton Herta, would have for the booming American market, especially with three F1 races,” Helmut Marko of Red Bull Racing told Motorsport-Total.

Zak Brown comments

“I think the whole licensing system needs to be reviewed,” McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown stated at Laguna Seca.

“I get that the rules are what the rules are and that rules shouldn’t be broken, but I question whether just because those are the rules that are in place now that those are the correct rules.

“Someone of Colton’s caliber, or Pato’s caliber or half the [IndyCar] field are Formula 1 capable. 

“If someone like Colton who’s won a lot of IndyCar races isn’t eligible for a superlicence then I think we need to review the superlicence system.”

“I don’t think Max Verstappen would have been eligible for a superlicence, I don’t think Kimi Raikkonen would have been eligible for a superlicence,” Brown added as both of those drivers skipped F2.

Graham Rahal comments

Graham Rahal - Indianapolis Motor Speedway - GMR Grand Prix - Indycar Series
Graham Rahal – Indianapolis Motor Speedway – GMR Grand Prix – Indycar Series (Photo: James Black)

“F1 is an elitist sport. They don’t want us. Remember that,” Graham Rahal stated via social media.

“They want US companies money, they want wealthy US individuals money. But they don’t care about the rest. Always has been that way, always will be.”

“And for those who want to say that Colton Herta didn’t ‘earn’ the right. You’re off base. He’s as talented if not more than the rest. He’s a proven winner. He came to the top, and has done exceptionally well. F1 has had ride buyers for years who don’t hold a candle to CH. FACTS!”

Alexander Rossi comments

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Indycar Series - Alexander Rossi wins
Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Indycar Series – Alexander Rossi wins (Photo: Doug Mathews)

Rossi competed in F1 back in 2015. He’s since made the move to Indycar.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut long enough, so here goes,” Alexander Rossi opened via social media.

“I’m so sick and tired of this back and forth regarding super licence points. The whole premise of it was to keep people from buying their way into F1 and allowing talent to be the motivating factor. That’s great.”

“We all agree Colton has the talent and capability to be in F1. That’s also great and he should get that opportunity if it’s offered to him. Period.”

“Motorsport still remains as the most high profile sport in the world where money can outweigh talent. What is disappointing and in my opinion, the fundamental problem, is that the sporting element so often took a backseat to the business side that there had to be a method put in place in order for certain teams to stop taking drivers solely based on their financial backing.”

“Ultimately, these past decisions, whether out of greed or necessity, is what cost Colton the opportunity to make the decision for himself as to if he wanted to alter career paths and race in F1. Not points on a licence.”


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NASCAR TV Ratings: September 2022 (Kansas Speedway) Tue, 13 Sep 2022 18:11:11 +0000 Shane Walters Kansas Speedway tv numbers for NASCAR weekend; Indycar finale included

The NASCAR Cup Series playoffs continued over the weekend in Kansas City, KS. The 1.5-mile of Kansas Speedway hosted four divisions of the NASCAR ladder.

View NASCAR tv ratings for Kansas Speedway below.

Friday’s NASCAR Truck Series race brought in 436,000 viewers and a rating of 0.26 for FS1.

Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race was cut short due to rain. Cup qualifying earlier that day drew 344,000 viewers.

Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race was seen by 1.878 million bringing a household rating of 1.10. That made it the most-watched motorsports event of the weekend.

For comparison, Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix F1 race brought 995,000 American viewers. Monday’s NHRA event brought 840,000. Sunday’s Indycar finale ran during the NASCAR Cup Series race and brought in 507,000 viewers to watch the Indycar finale.

Kansas Race Results: September 11, 2022 (NASCAR Cup Series)

2022 Season

September 11, 2022
Kansas Speedway

Viewers: 1,878,000
Rating: 1.10

September 4, 2022
Darlington Raceway

Viewers: 2,341,000
Rating: 1.37

August 28, 2022
Daytona International Speedway

Viewers: 1,406,000
Rating: 0.88

August 21, 2022
Watkins Glen International

Viewers: 2,563,000
Rating: 1.49

August 14, 2022
Richmond Raceway

Viewers: 2,390,000
Rating: 1.45

August 7, 2022
Michigan International Speedway

Viewers: 2,621,000
Rating: 1.54

July 31, 2022
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Viewers: 3,373,000
Rating: 2.05

July 24, 2022
Pocono Raceway

Viewers: 2,590,000
Rating: 1.56

July 17, 2022
New Hampshire Speedway

Viewers: 2,403,000
Rating: 1.45

July 10, 2022
Atlanta Motor Speedway

Viewers: 2,626,000
Rating: 1.51

July 3, 2022
Road America

Viewers: 1,930,000
Rating: 1.15

June 26, 2022
Nashville Superspeedway

Viewers: 2.921 million
Rating: 1.81

Fox coverage

June 12, 2022
Sonoma Raceway

Viewers: 2.235 million
Rating: 1.30

June 5, 2022
WWT Raceway

Viewers: 2.502 million
Rating: 1.47

May 29, 2022
Charlotte Motor Speedway

Viewers: 3.869 million
Rating: 2.20

May 22, 2022
Texas Motor Speedway (All-Star)

Viewers: 2.481 million
Rating: 1.38

May 22, 2022
Texas Motor Speedway (All-Star Open)

Viewers: 1.555 million
Rating: 0.91

May 15, 2022
Kansas Speedway

Viewers: 2.337 million
Rating: 1.43

May 8, 2022
Darlington Raceway

Viewers: 2.614 million
Rating: 1.45

May 1, 2022 (Rain)
Dover Motor Speedway

Viewers: 1.487 million
Rating: 0.95

April 24, 2022
Talladega Superspeedway

Viewers: 4.682 million
Rating: 2.61

April 17, 2022
Bristol Motor Speedway (DIRT)

Viewers: 4.007 million
Rating: 2.19

April 9, 2022
Martinsville Speedway

Viewers: 1.885 million
Rating: 1.10

April 3, 2022
Richmond Raceway

Viewers: 3.958 million
Rating: 2.30

March 27, 2022
Circuit of the Americas

Viewers: 3.731 million
Rating: 2.18

March 20, 2022
Atlanta Motor Speedway

Viewers: 4.003 million
Rating: 2.36

March 13, 2022
Phoenix Raceway

Viewers: 3.991 million
Rating: 2.33

March 6, 2022
Las Vegas Speedway

Viewers: 4.544 million
Rating: 2.71

February 27, 2022
Auto Club Speedway

Viewers: 4.570 million
Rating: 2.61

February 20, 2022
Daytona International Speedway

Viewers: 8.868 million
Rating: 1.948

February 6, 2022
LA Coliseum

Viewers: 4.283 million
Rating: 2.32

Ratings via ShowBuzzDaily

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Laguna Seca Race Results: September 11, 2022 (Indycar Finale) Sun, 11 Sep 2022 21:37:09 +0000 Shane Walters Indycar race results from the season finale at Laguna Seca

Today, the Indycar Series field unloads in Monterey, California. It’s the 2022 Indycar Series finale at Laguna Seca.

View the Indycar results from Laguna Seca below.

Indycar Menu: Laguna Seca
TV Schedule | Prac/Qual | Race

Will Power and Callum Ilott set the front row. 95 laps of open wheel racing are up next…

Laguna Seca
Race Report

Green flag, Power is clear into turn one as they run three wide for 2nd behind him. Rossi wins the battle for 2nd.

Lap 3, Newgarden is flying through the field after a crash in qualifying placed him last on the grid. He boldy makes a pass in the corkscrew.

Lap 6, Kellett is around in the corkscrew with help from Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 13, Kellett is off track in turn 9. He keeps it rolling, no caution.

Lap 15, Power hits the pit lane from the lead. 10 laps later, Power cycles back to the lead.

Lap 27, Palou has caught the bumper of Power. With fresher tires, he drives right by and takes the lead.

Lap 28, Marcus Ericsson shoves Helio Castroneves off track, no caution.

Lap 37, Palou leads Power by 11 seconds. He’s driving away on fresher tires.

Lap 38, Palou pits from the lead. Power also hits the pit lane!

Lap 39

Lap 39, most of the field dives to the pit lane as Ilott is stalled on track. Moments later, the caution is out.

Green, Palou is clear by multiple car lengths as Power wiggles in turn 11. Rosenqvist looks inside of Power for 2nd in turn one, Power holds him off.

Lap 46, Newgarden has a run on Power as they head for the top of the corkscrew. Newgarden sends it to the inside and he takes 2nd away!

Lap 52, Palou leads Newgarden by 8.5 seconds.

Lap 61, Newgarden pits from 2nd. This is a gamble to place Newgarden on an alternate strategy.

Lap 67, Newgarden forces it inside of Grosjean in the corkscrew. Newgarden is up to 3rd.

Lap 68, Power pits from 2nd. A lap later, Palou hits the pit lane.

Lap 72, Newgarden leads Palou by 7.9 seconds.

Lap 73, Newgarden pits from the lead. Newgarden cycles out in 2nd. Palou leads by 17 seconds.

16 to go, Palou is driving away. He leads Newgarden by 25 seconds.

3 to go, Rossi and Ericsson bang wheels more than once as they battle for 8th.

At the front, Alex Palou drives away to win at Laguna Seca! Will Power is the 2022 Indycar Series champion!

Laguna Seca
Race Results
September 11, 2022
Indycar Series

Pos | Driver

1. Alex Palou
2. Josef Newgarden
3. Will Power
4. Felix Rosenqvist
5. Christian Lundgaard
6. Scott McLaughlin
7. Romain Grosjean
8. Pato O’Ward
9. Marcus Ericsson
10. Alexander Rossi
11. Colton Herta
12. Scott Dixon
13. David Malukas
14. Rinus VeeKay
15. Devlin DeFrancesco
16. Jimmie Johnson
17. Simon Pagenaud
18. Graham Rahal
19. Helio Castroneves
20. Jack Harvey
21. Kyle Kirkwood
22. Simona De Silvestro
23. Takuma Sato
24. Conor Daly
25. Dalton Kellett
26. Callum Ilott

Point Standings

1. Will Power

2. Josef Newgarden

3. Scott Dixon

4. Scott McLaughlin

5. Alex Palou

6. Marcus Ericsson

7. Pato O’Ward

8. Felix Rosenqvist

9. Alexander Rossi

10. Colton Herta

Laguna Seca
Video Highlights
September 11, 2022



WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca | Indycar

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Indycar Starting Grid: September 2022 (Laguna Seca) Sat, 10 Sep 2022 22:11:02 +0000 Shane Walters Laguna Seca starting positions for the Indycar Series finale

Next up, the Indycar Series drivers are unloaded at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. It’s Indycar qualifying for tomorrow’s season finale.

View the Indycar starting grid for Laguna Seca below.

Indycar Menu: Laguna Seca
TV Schedule | Prac/Qual | Race

Josef Newgarden spins in group 1 of round one. Newgarden hasn’t completed a lap and he’ll be buried deep in the field. Indycar has added one minute to allow everyone else to make one lap.

Indycar Qualifying Results – Round 1 (Group 1 – Top 6) : 1. David Malukas (1:11.7507); 2. Scott McLaughlin (1:11.8474); 3. Simon Pagenaud (1:11.8874); 4. Alexander Rossi (1:11.8960); 5. Pato O’Ward (1:11.9993); 6. Marcus Ericsson (1:12.0856);

Indycar Qualifying Results – Round 1 (Group 2 – Top 6) : 1. Rosenqvist (1:11.3471); 2. Power (1:11.3496); 3. Grosjean (1:11.5631); 4. Castroneves (1:11.6618); 5. Ilott (1:11.9333); 6. Palou (1:12.0990);

Indycar Qualifying Results – Round 2 (Top 6) : 1. Rossi (1:11.4238); 2. Grosjean (1:11.4793); 3. Power (1:11.4871); 4. O’Ward (1:11.5472); 5. Palou (1:11.5857); 6. Ilott (1:11.6215)

Will Power will start from the pole position after turning a time of 1:11.6127 in the Fast 6 round.

Laguna Seca
Starting Grid
September 11, 2022
Indycar Series

Pos | Driver

1. Will Power

2. Callum Ilott

3. Alexander Rossi

4. Romain Grosjean

5. Alex Palou

6. Pato O’Ward

Failed to advance out of round 2

7. David Malukas

8. Scott McLaughlin

9. Felix Rosenqvist

10. Marcus Ericsson

11. Simon Pagenaud

12. Helio Castronves

Failed to advance out of round 1

13. Scott Dixon

14. Rinus VeeKay

15. Conor Daly

16. Christian Lundgaard

17. Kyle Kirkwood

18. Colton Herta

19. Graham Rahal

20. Devlin DeFrancesco

21. Jack Harvey

22. Takuma Sato

23. Jimmie Johnson

24. Dalton Kellett

25. Josef Newgarden
No Time

26. Simona De Silvestro

Laguna Seca
Practice Results (Session 2)
September 10, 2022
Indycar Series

Pos | Driver

1. Alex Palou

2. Alexander Rossi

3. Will Power

4. Josef Newgarden

5. Colton Herta

6. Scott Dixon

7. Christian Lundgaard

8. Simon Pagenaud

9. Callum Ilott

10. David Malukas

11. Romain Grosjean

12. Jack Harvey

13. Devlin DeFrancesco

14. Graham Rahal

15. Helio Castroneves

16. Kyle Kirkwood

17. Rinus VeeKay

18. Scott McLaughlin

19. Felix Rosenqvist

20. Marcus Ericsson

21. Takuma Sato

22. Conor Daly

23. Dalton Kellett

24. Jimmie Johnson

25. Simona De Silvestro

26. Pato O’Ward

Laguna Seca
Practice Results (Session 1)
September 9, 2022
Indycar Series

Pos | Driver

1. Josef Newgarden

2. Colton Herta

3. Romain Grosjean

4. Alexander Rossi

5. Callum Ilott

6. Simon Pagenaud

7. Will Power

8. Pato O’Ward

9. David Malukas

10. Marcus Ericsson

11. Scott McLaughlin

12. Felix Rosenqvist

13. Devlin DeFrancesco

14. Alex Palou

15. Christian Lundgaard

16. Helio Castroneves

17. Scott Dixon

18. Takuma Sato

19. Jack Harvey

20. Graham Rahal

21. Rinus VeeKay

22. Conor Daly

23. Kyle Kirkwood

24. Dalton Kellett

25. Jimmie Johnson

26. Simona De Silvestro


WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca | Indycar

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Indycar TV Schedule: September 2022 (Laguna Seca) Fri, 09 Sep 2022 10:01:00 +0000 Shane Walters Laguna Seca tv schedule for the Indycar Series finale

This weekend, the Indycar Series unloads in Montery, California. The 2.238-mile road course of WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca is set to host the NTT Indycar Series season finale.

View the Indycar tv schedule for Laguna Seca below.

Indycar Menu: Laguna Seca
TV Schedule | Prac/Qual | Race

Indycar TV Schedule
September 2022

The following includes all on-track action:

September 9, 2022

4:15-5:05pm ET
Indycar Live | Sirius XM

Indy Lights

5:30-6:45pm ET
Peacock App | Indycar Live | Sirius XM

Indycar Series
Practice 1

September 10, 2022

12:30-1:00pm ET
Indycar Live | Sirius XM

Indy Lights

1:15-2:15pm ET
Peacock App | Indycar Live | Sirius XM

Indycar Series
Practice 2

3:20-4:20pm ET
Peacock App

Indy Lights
Race 1

5:05-6:20pm ET
Peacock App | Indycar Live | Sirius XM

Indycar Series

September 11, 2022

12:00-12:30pm ET
Peacock App | Indycar Live | Sirius XM

Indycar Series

12:55-1:55pm ET
Peacock App

Indy Lights
Race 2

2:40-6:00pm ET
NBC | Peacock App | Indycar Live | Sirius XM

Indycar Series


WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca | Indycar

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