Racing News - NASCAR Racing News Sun, 25 Sep 2022 01:42:52 +0000 en-us hourly 1 Martinsville Speedway Results: September 24, 2022 (NASCAR Roots) Sun, 25 Sep 2022 01:42:09 +0000 Shane Walters ValleyStar Credit Union 300 results from the late model stock race at Martinsville Speedway; $32,000 to win

Tonight, Late Model Stocks invade Martinsville Speedway. The half-mile paperclip is set to pay $32,000 to win with a $25 bonus for each lap led. It’s the famed ValleyStar Credit Union 300 in Martinsville, Virginia.

View Martinsville Speedway results below.

Bobby McCarty and Chase Burrow set the front row for the main event. 200 laps of late model racing are up next…

NASCAR fight in the Valleystar Credit Union 300 at Martinsville Speedway (Video)

Main Event
Race Report

Green flag, McCarty is clear into turn one. Mike Looney works inside of Burrow as they run side by side for 2nd. Looney wins the battle for 2nd.

Lap 9, Tate Fogleman is up in the flames and he comes to a stop, caution.

Green, McCarty leads off turn two. Daniel Silvestri works inside of Looney to take 2nd away.

Lap 31, Trent Barns slows, caution.

Green, McCarty leads Silvestri off turn two. Looney slams the door to hold 3rd.

Lap 46, Looney works inside of Silvestri and he retakes 2nd.

Lap 47, Ty Majeski heads for the pit lane under green. He has a flat right front tire as the crew goes to work.

Lap 49, Thomas Scott has come to a stop, caution.

Green, McCarty and Silvestri run side by side for the lead. Multiple cars tangle deeper in the pack and the caution is back out.

Green, Looney drives it deep on the outside lane into turn one. He runs side by side with McCarty for the lead. After multiple laps of side by side racing, Looney finally clears him with an outside pass! Sellers also moves to the outside and he works by McCarty for 2nd.

Lap 71, Dillon Ward slows with a flat tire, caution.

Green, Looney and Sellers run side by side into turn one. They run side by side for a lap but Looney holds the lead as they return to turn one.

Stage 1 complete

Lap 101, the caution is out as stage one is complete. Mike Looney wins the $1,000 bonus.

The field hits the pit lane for tires and adjustments. The field is frozen as these are controlled pit stops.

Green flag, Looney leads off turn two.

Lap 132, Mike Wertz pits under green with an issue.

Lap 137, Kres VanDyke is in the wall, caution.

Green, Looney leads as Sellers and Carson Kvapil run side by side for 2nd. Four cars tangle behind them, caution.

Green, Looney and Kvapil run side by side for the lead. Looney drives it deep to the inside in turn three, Looney holds the lead. Sellers runs Kvapil up the hill and takes 2nd away.

Lap 155, Sellers works inside of Looney in the battle for the lead. They rub fenders as Looney holds the lead on the outside lane.

Stage 2 complete

Lap 175, Mike Loney wins stage two.

Most of the leaders stay out. It’s a 25 lap shootout to the finish as only green flag laps count.

Green, Looney clears Sellers off turn two. Sellers taps the bumper of Looney lightly into turn three. As they return to turn one, Sellers dives inside of Looney. They rub doors for a lap, Sellers to the lead!

17 to go, Kvapil leans on the rear bumper of Looney off turn four. Kvapil can’t work alongside as Looney holds 2nd. Looney is running a few feet off the inside curb, a very defensive line. Sellers is driving away from both of them.

9 to go, the caution is out as multiple cars spin deeper in the field!

Sellers and Looney both pick the inside lane. Kvapil jumps to the top and takes the outside front row for the restart.

Green, Looney gets sideways at the launch and makes contact with Burrow on his outside. They keep it rolling and run three wide for 3rd into turn one! Back at the front, Sellers clears Kvapil.

4 to go, caution for debris.

Green, Sellers and Kvapil run even into turn one. Kvapil runs wide off turn two and he chops in behind the bumper of Sellers to hold 2nd. Kvapil leans on the rear bumper of Sellers into turn three but Sellers holds him off.

Payton Sellers wins at Martinsville Speedway!

NASCAR fight in the Valleystar Credit Union 300 at Martinsville Speedway (Video)

Martinsville Speedway
Race Results
September 24, 2022
ValleyStar Credit Union 300

The following includes all on-track action:


Qualifying : 1. Bobby McCarty (19.748); 2. Chase Burrow (19.758); 3. Mike Looney (19.831); 4. Daniel Silvestri (19.887); 5. Corey Heim (19.888); 6. Doug Barnes Jr; 7. Stacy Puryear; 8. Landon Pembelton; 9. Brendan Queen; 10. Jacob Borst;

Heat Races

Heat 1 (25 Laps – Top 10 Advance) : 1. Bobby McCarty

Heat 2 (25 Laps – Top 10 Advance) : 1. Chase Burrow

Heat 3 (25 Laps – Top 10 Advance) : 1. Mike Looney

Heat 4 (25 Laps – Top 10 Advance) : 1. Daniel Silvestri

Main Event

200 Laps

1. Peyton Sellers

2. Carson Kvapil

3. Jacob Heafner

4. Mike Looney

5. Kaden Honeycutt

6. Chase Burrow

7. Daniel Silvestri

8. Timothy Peters

9. Corey Heim

10. Jonathan Shafer

**Full results pending


Martinsville Speedway | NASCAR

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NASCAR fight at Martinsville Speedway (Video) Sun, 25 Sep 2022 00:13:44 +0000 Shane Walters Watch the video of the Martinsville Speedway chaos from Saturday

On Saturday, Martinsville Speedway is hosting a big short track racing event. The Late Model Stock cars sanctioned by NASCAR Roots unload for 200 laps in the ValleyStar Credit Union 300.

Watch the Martinsville fight video below.

A full field of cars showed up at the half-mile track for a chance to make the feature. 23 cars lined up for the first heat race of the afternoon. Heat races are set for just a short 25 lap sprint.

The #41 of Davey Callihan started last on the field in 23rd as the #1D of Andrew Grady started 21st.

With 3 laps to go in heat one, Andrew Grady slammed the wall off turn two. The impact with the wall was enough to break the trackbar and skew the rearend by several inches.

Grady came to a stop on the race track, unable to drive his machine to the pits. But, the driver himself wasn’t done putting on a show as he climbed from his car in a hurry.

As Callihan drove by under caution, Grady ran down the banking, pointing his finger at Callihan’s machine. Grady then turned around and climbed into the ambulance for a ride to the infield.

NASCAR threw the red flag. They cleaned up the track to allow the heat race to finish under the green flag.

NASCAR fight at Martinsville

After the race was over, the entire field pulled off the track and drove through the infield. Grady was already standing there on standby.

Grady reached into the cockpit of Callihan’s machine. As the No. 41 driver sat inside his car, Grady attempted to throw about 6 punches, with most of them connecting.

Grady then took a step back from the car and kicked the door for good measure. At this point, several crew members arrived at the scene.

The first crew member grabbed Grady and pushed him away from Callihan’s machine. Grady shoved that crew member out of the way and lungded back toward the driver’s window. He grabbed at Callihan’s suit, attempting to pull him out of the window.

That’s when a much more sizeable crew member stepped in. The man locked his arms around grady’s waist, picked him up from behind and carried him away from the machine.

It appeared that the crew members were a part of Grady’s team, though that’s unconfirmed.

Callihan qualified for the main event. He grabbed the final transfer spot from heat 1.

Davey Callihan comments after the fight

“Me and the #1 car had a bit of an issue getting into [turn] one there,” Davey Callihan told Race 22.

“I felt like I was inside enough there for him to give him a little more room than he did. He kinda pinched me down there and I just didn’t give an inch. You gotta fight for your life, for a transfer spot to get in the show.”

“Unfortunately, we locked tires and it wheel hopped me onto him. It is what it is. Obviously, he wasn’t too pumped on it. So, he decided to throw a few shots inside the car.”

“But, that’s water under the bridge, we’re going to race the ValleyStar 300.”

It doesn’t appear Andrew Grady has commented.

Martinsville Speedway Fight

Davey Callihan | Martinsville Speedway | NASCAR

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Texas Race Results: September 24, 2022 (NASCAR Xfinity Series) Sat, 24 Sep 2022 22:33:24 +0000 Shane Walters NASCAR race results from Texas Motor Speedway

Today, the NASCAR Xfinity Series takes the stage in Fort Worth, Texas. The 1.5-mile of Texas Motor Speedway is set to host the opening race in the Round of 12 of the NASCAR Playoffs.

View 2022 Texas race results for the NASCAR Xfinity Series below.

Texas Menu
Xfinity: Prac/Qual | Race
Cup: Prac/Qual | Race

Texas TV Schedule

Ty Gibbs will start from the tail of the field after unapproved adjustments. Brandon Jones and Noah Gragson set the front row. 200 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Texas Xfinity
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 45 (1-45 / 200)

Green flag, Gragson and Jones run side by side into turn one. Daniel Hemric clips the left rear bumper of Jones at corner entry and he’s jacked sideways! Jones slides across the track but he saves the car, no caution. Gragson leads John Hunter Nemechek into turn three.

Lap 11, John Hunter Nemechek has climbed to the bumper of Gragson in the battle for the lead. Gragson wiggles off turn four and Nemechek drives right by on the inside and Nemechek leads back into turn one.

Lap 19, Jeffrey Earnhardt gets loose and runs wide off turn two with a car to his outside. Earnhardt bounces off the car on the outside and spins toward the inside wall. Heavy contact and the caution is out.

Green, Gragson nearly clears Nemechek via the outside lane as Allmendinger takes them three wide for 5th behind them. Nemechek fights back on the inside into turn three and holds the lead.

Sam Mayer gets loose off turn four. He brushes the outside wall but keeps it rolling, no caution.

Lap 37, CJ McLaughlin spins off turn two, caution.

Nemechek and Gragson hit the pit lane. Daniel Hemric, Justin Allgaier and others stay out, Gragson wins the race to the pit exit but he’ll restart in 11th.

Green, Hemric is clear into turn one. Gragson forces them three wide for 10th and he’s flying to the front.

Daniel Hemric wins stage one at Texas Motor Speedway!

Texas Motor Speedway Results (Stage 1) : 1. Daniel Hemric; 2. Justin Allgaier; 3. Austin Hill; 4. Noah Gragson; 5. AJ Allmendinger; 6. Josh Berry; 7. John Hunter Nemechek; 8. Ryan Sieg; 9. Ty Gibbs; 10. Kyle Weatherman;

Texas Xfinity
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 45 (46-90 / 200)

Hemric leads the leaders to the pit lane. Noah Gragson will return to the pit lane despite the fact he just pitted with a loose wheel. John Hunter Nemechek stays out and cycles to the race lead with Ty Gibbs on the outside row.

Green flag on stage two, Nemechek leads Gibbs off turn two.

Lap 54, Gibbs has a run on Nemechek into turn one. Nemechek blocks the inside and Gibbs drives right by on the outside to take over the race lead!

Lap 56, Nemechek has a run off turn two. He dives to the inside in turn three and Nemechek returns to the lead.

Lap 64, Gragson has climbed to 4th but he’s still complaining about a vibration.

Lap 78, David Starr is in the wall and the caution is out. Jeremy Clements has lost power under caution he gets a push back to the pit lane.

Nemechek leads Gibbs, Gragson and most of the leaders to the pit lane. Gragson wins the race to the pit exit. Gragson restarts 4th as Allmendinger and Hemric take over the front row.

Pit Penalty: Josh Berry will drop to the rear.

Green, Allmendinger and Hemric run sude by side into turn one. Hemric gets loose off turn two and Allmendinger leads.

4 to go in stage two, Akinori Ogata spins, no caution.

AJ Allmendinger wins stage two at Texas Motor Speedway!

Texas Motor Speedway Results (Stage 2) : 1. AJ Allmendinger; 2. Noah Gragson; 3. John Hunter Nemechek; 4. Daniel Hemric; 5. Ty Gibbs; 6. Austin Hill; 7. Justin Allgaier; 8. Ryan Sieg; 9. Brandon Jones; 10. Sam Mayer;

Texas Xfinity
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 110 (91-100 / 200)

Allmendinger, Hemric and others head for the pit lane. Gragson and Nemechek cycle back to the front row.

Green flag on stage three, Gragson leads Nemechek off turn two.

Lap 105, Ogata spins for the second time, caution.

Penalty: nick Sanchez hit the choose box and he’ll drop to the rear.

Green, Gragson clears Nemechek before turn one. Brandon Brown cuts acorss the nose of AJ Allmendinger down the backstretch and they both spin in front of the field! Landon Cassill and Ryan Sieg are collected and the caution is back out.

Green, Austin Hill drives inside of Gragson and Nemechek to make it three wide for the race lead into turn one! Nemechek gets too high off turn two and he’s sideways. Allgaier has nowhere to go and he drives right into Nemechek. Allgaier slams the outside wall. Brandon Jones, Daniel Hemric, Brennan Poole, Joe Graf Jr, Mason Massey and others are collected.

Green, Gragson and Hill run side by side into turn one. Hill gets loose and nearly tags the wall off turn two, Gragson leads. Garrett Smithley is in the wall behind them, caution.

Green, Gragson leads as Hill and Gibbs run side by side for 2nd, Gibbs wins that battle.

45 to go

45 to go, Gragson leads Hill by 3.5 seconds but he hits the pit lane. Ty Gibbs follows him from 3rd.

32 to go, AJ Allmendinger leads with 54 laps on his tires, Jeb Burton runs 5th with 40 laps on his tires. Gragson is currently a lap down in 10th, the first with fresh tires.

18 to go, Allmendinger pits from the race lead for 2 new tires. Jeb Burton takes over the lead. Gragson runs 3rd, 4 seconds back.

12 to go, Gragson has caught the bumper of Burton. Gragson drives right by on the inside off turn four, Gragson returns to the lead.

7 to go, Gragson leads Austin Hill by 1.5 seconds.

Noah Gragson wins at Texas Motor Speedway!

Texas Motor Speedway
Race Results
September 24, 2022
NASCAR Xfinity Series

Pos | Driver

1. Noah Gragson
2. Austin Hill
3. Ty Gibbs
4. AJ Allmendinger
5. Riley Herbst
6. Josh Berry
7. Sheldon Creed
8. Sam Mayer
9. Ryan Sieg
10. CJ McLaughlin
11. Nicholas Sanchez
12. Bayley Currey
13. Stefan Parsons
14. Tommy Joe Martins
15. Jeb Burton
16. Matt Mills
17. Alex Labbe
18. Joe Graf Jr
19. Anthony Alfredo
20. Myatt Snider
21. Parker Retzlaff
22. Kyle Weatherman
23. Garrett Smithley
24. Brandon Brown
25. Joey Gase
26. Josh Williams
27. Brandon Jones
28. John Hunter Nemechek
29. Justin Allgaier
30. Daniel Hemric
31. Brennan Poole
32. Mason Massey
33. Landon Cassill
34. JJ Yeley
35. Akinori Ogata
36. Jeremy Clements
37. David Starr
38. Jeffrey Earnhardt

NASCAR Xfinity Series
Point Standings

After: Race 1 of 3 (Round of 12)

1. Noah Gragson
1 Win (In Round)

2. AJ Allmendinger

3. Ty Gibbs

4. Austin Hill

5. Josh Berry

6. Justin Allgaier

7. Sam Mayer

8. Ryan Sieg

— Round of 8 (Cutline) —

9. Riley Herbst

10. Daniel Hemric

11. Brandon Jones

12. Jeremy Clements

Texas Motor Speedway
Video Highlights
September 24, 2022
NASCAR Xfinity Series



Texas Motor Speedway | NASCAR

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Kyle Larson wants Texas Motor Speedway demolished; Short track Sat, 24 Sep 2022 19:51:42 +0000 Shane Walters NASCAR driver Kyle Larson is highly in favor of tearing down Texas Motor Speedway and replacing it with a new short track

Texas Motor Speedway was born in 1997 as a 1.5-mile intermediate oval. It’s hosted the NASCAR Cup Series and Indycar Series along the way and both racing series remain on the schedule.

In 2017, the track underwent a reprave as well as a slight reconfiguration. Banking in turns 1 and 2 was reduced from 24 to just 20 degrees. A the same time, the width of that corner increased from 60 to 80 feet.

Just a few months ago, Auto Club Speedway announced plans for their last race on the 2-mile oval. That facility is set to become a short track if the proposed plans are finalized.

Auto Club Speedway set for final race on 2-mile oval

Atlanta Motor Speedway is another property, like Texas, owned by Speedway Motorports LLC. The Atlanta facility debuted with a brand new repave for 2022. They went a totally different route, increasing the banking as well as narrowing the track. Additionally, NASCAR used a superspeedway style rules package to create a hybrid Daytona or Talladega style of racing, the first of it’s kind for a 1.5-mile track.

Atlanta Motor Speedway: New vs Old track by passing data

Rumors are circulating that Texas Motor Speedway could see another repave. Despite the last one just five years prior. And many of those rumors hint that Texas Motor Speedway could adopt a similar repave to Atlanta.

However, the drivers aren’t interested in that. Specifically, Kyle Larson, who wants a short track…

Kyle Larson votes for demolishing Texas Motor Speedway

NASCAR driver Kyle Larson
DARLINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA – SEPTEMBER 03: Kyle Larson, driver of the #5 Chevrolet, waits on the grid during practice for the NASCAR Cup Series Cook Out Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway on September 03, 2022 in Darlington, South Carolina. (Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

“It needs more than a repave,” Kyle Larson stated from the Texas Motor Speedway media center.

“I would like them to demolish this place, first. Then, start over from scratch.”

“For one, they did a very poor job, with the initial reconfiguration. I would like to see them change it from a mile-and-a-half to something shorter, I don’t know if that means bringing the backstretch in or whatever.”

“I mean, if I could build a track, it would probably by a 3/4-mile Bristol, basically. Pavement, progressive banking and all that.”

Bristol Motor Speedway is a half-mile concrete oval. It was previously paved in asphalt but has been a concrete surface since a repave in 1992.

Larson concluded, “But, I don’t know if that’s really possible, here. I’m not sure what they have in mind but anything would be better than what they did.”

NASCAR drivers talk ‘disconnect’ and ‘broken system’ with Atlanta repave

Limits at Texas

Daniel Hemric - Texas Motor Speedway - NASCAR Xfinity Series
FORT WORTH, TEXAS – OCTOBER 16: Daniel Hemric, driver of the #18 Craftsman Toyota, leads the field during the NASCAR Xfinity Series Andy’s Frozen Custard 335 at Texas Motor Speedway on October 16, 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

The complex build of Texas Motor Speedway has placed a bit of a box in regards to reconfiguration options. Buildings surround the speedway, everything from grandstands, a party tower, a campground and a condo tower. All of those things are placed at the outer edge of the racing surface.

The buildings specifically make it extremely costly to shorten the track. Any repave would likely have to come close to all of those buildings, or the buildings would now longer have a great view of the racing surface.

The NASCAR Cup Series playoffs will continue this weekend in Fort Worth. Texas Motor Speedway is set to host the first race in the Round of 12.

Kyle Larson talks a Texas repave

NASCAR TV Schedule for Texas

Atlanta Motor Speedway repave features new technology


Atlanta Motor Speedway | NASCAR

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Texas Starting Lineup: September 2022 (NASCAR Cup Series) Sat, 24 Sep 2022 18:24:21 +0000 Shane Walters NASCAR starting lineup for Texas Motor Speedway

Today, the NASCAR Cup Series unloads at the 1.5-mile oval in Fort Worth, Texas. The field is set to roll to the track for a round of practice and qualifying to set the starting grid for Texas Motor Speedway.

View the Texas starting lineup for the NASCAR Cup Series below.

Texas Menu
Xfinity: Prac/Qual | Race
Cup: Prac/Qual | Race

Texas TV Schedule

Cody Ware spun and tagged the wall in practice. Erik Jones also spun in practice but he was able to avoid the wall.

The field is split into two groups for the first round of qualifying. The top 5 from each group advance into the final round of qualifying and turn a second lap in an effort to grab the pole position.

Texas Qualifying Results (Group A – Top 5) : 1. Tyler Reddick (28.593); 2. Kyle Larson (28.665); 3. Joey Logano (28.674); 4. Brad Keselowski (28.698); 5. Denny Hamlin (28.723)

Texas Qualifying Results (Group B – Top 5) : 1. William Byron (28.588) 2. Austin Dillon (28.716); 3. Chase Elliott 28.719); 4. Daniel Suarez (28.719); 5. Michael McDowell (28.721)

Brad Keselowski will start from the pole position at Texas Motor Speedway. He turned a laptime of 28.573 seconds with an average speed of 188.99

Texas Motor Speedway
Starting Lineup
September 25, 2022
NASCAR Cup Series

Pos | Driver | Best Time

1. Brad Keselowski

2. Joey Logano

3. William Byron

4. Tyler Reddick

5. Michael McDowell

6. Chase Elliott

7. Austin Dillon

8. Denny Hamlin

9. Kyle Larson

10. Daniel Suarez

Failed to advance out of Round 1

11. Austin Cindric

12. Ross Chastain

13. Chris Buescher

14. Ryan Blaney

15. Martin Truex Jr

16. Ty Gibbs

17. Alex Bowman

18. Kyle Busch

19. Bubba Wallace

20. Harrison Burton

21. Ricky Stenhouse Jr

22. Christopher Bell

23. Kevin Harvick

24. Cole Custer

25. Aric Almirola

26. Noah Gragson

27. Erik Jones

28. Todd Gilliland

29. Corey LaJoie

30. Chase Briscoe

31. Justin Haley

32. Ty Dillon

33. Landon Cassill

34. Garrett Smithley

35. BJ McLEod

36. Cody Ware
No Time

Texas Motor Speedway
Practice Results
September 24, 2022
NASCAR Cup Series

Pos | Driver | Best Time

1. Austin Dillon

2. Tyler Reddick

3. Alex Bowman

4. Joey Logano

5. Erik Jones

6. William Byron

7. Ryan Blaney

8. Bubba Wallace

9. Brad Keselowski

10. Kyle Larson

11. Ricky Stenhouse Jr

12. Harrison Burton

13. Ross Chastain

14. Denny Hamlin

15. Kyle Busch

16. Chris Buescher

17. Daniel Suarez

18. Martin Truex Jr

19. Chase Elliott

20. Chase Briscoe

21. Christopher Bell

22. Cole Custer

23. Ty Dillon

24. Austin Cindric

25. Ty Gibbs

26. Corey LaJoie

27. Kevin Harvick

28. Noah Gragson

29. Aric Almirola

30. Michael McDowell

31. Justin Haley

32. Todd Gilliland

33. Cody Ware

34. Landon Cassill

35. Garrett Smithley

36. BJ McLeod


Texas Motor Speedway | NASCAR

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