Racing News - NASCAR Truck Series Racing News Thu, 06 Oct 2022 03:11:54 +0000 en-us hourly 1 Hailie Deegan set for NASCAR Xfinity Series debut Tue, 04 Oct 2022 22:56:42 +0000 Shane Walters 21-year-old Hailie Deegan set for her first NASCAR Xfinity Series start

Deegan is set to make her NASCAR Xfinity Series debut. She’ll race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on October 15th.

Watch the Hailie Deegan car reveal below.

“When it comes to the NASCAR world, when things are about to go down, there’s usually a lot of rumors about it. It usually gets told before it’s actually announced. But, this is something we’ve kept a secret, pretty well,” Deegan opened in her Vlog.

“I really just wanted to make my debut, for sure, on a mile-and-a-half because that’s where I feel most comfortable,” Deegan said. “I wanted to get my feet wet in the Xfinity Series.”

She’ll drive the number No. 07 Ford. SS GreenLight Racing will field the car.

“I don’t know yet what I’m going to be doing next year. I wish I knew and had it figured out already.

“At least for the time being, we’re going for our first Xfinity race at Las Vegas and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m so happy the day’s finally here.”

Deegan already has a line of merch at the ready. Vegas themed shirts have already landed in her online store.

Pristine Auction will serve as the primary sponsor on the Xfinity machine.

Deegan is currently in her second year of full-time NASCAR Truck Series racing. She’s claimed three top-10s along the way with two of them coming this season.

Hailie Deegan to drive NASCAR Xfinity Series race


Hailie Deegan | SS Green Light Racing | Las Vegas Motor Speedway | NASCAR

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NASCAR TV Ratings: October 2022 (Talladega Superspeedway) Tue, 04 Oct 2022 18:03:02 +0000 Shane Walters Talladega tv ratings from NASCAR weekend

Over the weekend, NASCAR visited Talladega, Alabama. The famed 2.5-mile of Talladega Superspeedway hosted race number two of three in the Round of 12 for the Cup Series.

View Talladega tv ratings for NASCAR weekend below.

Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race brought in 1.019 million viewers with a rating of 0.60. The truck race earlier the same day was seen by 653,000 with a rating of 0.40.

Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race was seen by 2.827 million. That’s the most watched NASCAR race since the race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in July.

The Cup race at Talladega was the most-watched motorsport event of the week. Sunday’s Formula One grand prix brought 1.036 million viewers. Meanwhile, the Petit Le Mans IMSA race brought 400,000.

The NASCAR race was the 13th most-watched sporting event of the weekend. The top-12 are all football coverage.

For comparison, CBS Football won the weekend in sports with 24,647,000 viewers. NBC’s Sunday Night Football brought in another 20,853,000 NFL fans.

Talladega Race Results: October 2, 2022 (NASCAR Cup Series)

2022 Season

October 2, 2022
Talladega Superspeedway

Viewers: 2,827,000
Rating: 1.64

September 25, 2022
Texas Motor Speedway

Viewers: 1,908,000
Rating: 1.11

September 17, 2022
Bristol Motor Speedway

Viewers: 1,776,000
Rating: 1.07

September 11, 2022
Kansas Speedway

Viewers: 1,878,000
Rating: 1.10

September 4, 2022
Darlington Raceway

Viewers: 2,341,000
Rating: 1.37

August 28, 2022
Daytona International Speedway

Viewers: 1,406,000
Rating: 0.88

August 21, 2022
Watkins Glen International

Viewers: 2,563,000
Rating: 1.49

August 14, 2022
Richmond Raceway

Viewers: 2,390,000
Rating: 1.45

August 7, 2022
Michigan International Speedway

Viewers: 2,621,000
Rating: 1.54

July 31, 2022
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Viewers: 3,373,000
Rating: 2.05

July 24, 2022
Pocono Raceway

Viewers: 2,590,000
Rating: 1.56

July 17, 2022
New Hampshire Speedway

Viewers: 2,403,000
Rating: 1.45

July 10, 2022
Atlanta Motor Speedway

Viewers: 2,626,000
Rating: 1.51

July 3, 2022
Road America

Viewers: 1,930,000
Rating: 1.15

June 26, 2022
Nashville Superspeedway

Viewers: 2.921 million
Rating: 1.81

Fox coverage

June 12, 2022
Sonoma Raceway

Viewers: 2.235 million
Rating: 1.30

June 5, 2022
WWT Raceway

Viewers: 2.502 million
Rating: 1.47

May 29, 2022
Charlotte Motor Speedway

Viewers: 3.869 million
Rating: 2.20

May 22, 2022
Texas Motor Speedway (All-Star)

Viewers: 2.481 million
Rating: 1.38

May 22, 2022
Texas Motor Speedway (All-Star Open)

Viewers: 1.555 million
Rating: 0.91

May 15, 2022
Kansas Speedway

Viewers: 2.337 million
Rating: 1.43

May 8, 2022
Darlington Raceway

Viewers: 2.614 million
Rating: 1.45

May 1, 2022 (Rain)
Dover Motor Speedway

Viewers: 1.487 million
Rating: 0.95

April 24, 2022
Talladega Superspeedway

Viewers: 4.682 million
Rating: 2.61

April 17, 2022
Bristol Motor Speedway (DIRT)

Viewers: 4.007 million
Rating: 2.19

April 9, 2022
Martinsville Speedway

Viewers: 1.885 million
Rating: 1.10

April 3, 2022
Richmond Raceway

Viewers: 3.958 million
Rating: 2.30

March 27, 2022
Circuit of the Americas

Viewers: 3.731 million
Rating: 2.18

March 20, 2022
Atlanta Motor Speedway

Viewers: 4.003 million
Rating: 2.36

March 13, 2022
Phoenix Raceway

Viewers: 3.991 million
Rating: 2.33

March 6, 2022
Las Vegas Speedway

Viewers: 4.544 million
Rating: 2.71

February 27, 2022
Auto Club Speedway

Viewers: 4.570 million
Rating: 2.61

February 20, 2022
Daytona International Speedway

Viewers: 8.868 million
Rating: 1.948

February 6, 2022
LA Coliseum

Viewers: 4.283 million
Rating: 2.32

Ratings via ShowBuzzDaily

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Talladega SuperSpeedway | NASCAR

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Hailie Deegan’s crew member had hardcard pulled during Talladega (Video) Sun, 02 Oct 2022 01:58:55 +0000 Shane Walters Watch the video of the violation at Talladega Superpspeedway

On Saturday, the NASCAR Truck Series unloaded in Talladega, Alabama. The 2.5-mile track of Talladega Superspeedway hosted the second race in the Round of 8 for the trucks.

Watch Hailie Deegan’s crew member get ejected below.

With 31 laps to go, green flag pit stops were underway. Deegan hit the pit lane with a group of other trucks.

As Deegan pulled into her pit stall, Deegan clipped her own crew member. In the process, the tire the crew member was carrying was dislodged.

The tire rolled across the pit lane and into the infield. Other truck were able to avoid the tire as it bounced across the pit lane.

After the pit stop was complete, a crew member from Deegan’s team sprinted toward the infield grass. He retrieved the tire, just a few feet from the actual racing surface.

That is a huge violation of the NASCAR rulebook. And as the crew member sprinted toward the infield, NASCAR was forced to throw a caution.

Deegan was handed a penalty for equipment leaving her stall.

Additionally, within minutes of the incident, NASCAR officials surrounded the pit stall of Deegan’s machine. They then pulled the hardcard of the crew member that ran into the infield and escorted him for the facility.

The race ended in dramatic fashion as the driver who crossed the line first was not the race winner following a review.

Talladega Race Results: October 1, 2022 (NASCAR Truck Series)

Hailie Deegan’s crew member ejected

NASCAR driver airlifted after Talladega fire (Video)


Hailie Deegan | Talladega SuperSpeedway | NASCAR

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Talladega Race Results: October 1, 2022 (NASCAR Truck Series) Sat, 01 Oct 2022 19:10:43 +0000 Shane Walters NASCAR race results from Talladega Superspeedway

The NASCAR Truck Series is on the grid in Talladega, Alabama. The NASCAR playoffs resume on the 2.5-mile wildcard of Talladega Superspeedway.

View Talladega race results for the NASCAR Truck Series below.

Talladega Menu
Truck: Qual | Race
Xfinity: Qual | Race
Cup: Qual | Race

Talladega TV Schedule

John Hunter Nemechek and Chandler Smith set the front row. 94 laps of truck racing are up next…

Talladega Truck
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 20 (1-20 / 94)

Green flag, Nemechek is clear before turn one. Nemechek begins blocking both lanes.

Lap 5, Ty Majeski pushes Zane Smith to the lead via the outside lane. Nemechek quickly retakes the lead.

Lap 19, Jordan Anderson is on fire! The caution is out!

NASCAR driver airlifted after Talladega fire (Video)

John Hunter Nemechek wins stage one at Talladega Superspeedway!

Talladega Race Results (Stage 1) : 1. John Hunter Nemechek; 2. Zane Smith; 3. Carson Hocevar; 4. Chandler Smith; 5. Colby Howard; 6. Tanner Gray; 7. Ben Rhodes; 8. Corey Heim; 9. Christian Eckes; 10. Tyler Ankrum;

Talladega Truck
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 20 (21-40 / 94)

Nemechek leads the field to the pit lane but Chandler Smith wins the race to the pit exit.

Green flag on stage two, Chandler Smith and Ben Rhodes run side by side into turn one. Colby Howard spins behind them, caution.

Green, Smith and Rhodes run side by side for the lead.

Lap 33, Carson Hocevar, Bryan Dauzat and Lawless Alan tangle down the back. Alan blows a tire in turn three, caution.

Many drivers head for the pit lane but the leaders stay out.

Green, Smith and Rhodes form back door to door for the stage win.

Final lap in stage two, Nemechek shoves Smith to the lead. Smith begins blocking both lanes.

Chandler Smith wins stage two at Talladega Superspeedway!

Zane Smith has blown a tire coming to the checkered flag. Heavy right rear damage for him.

Talladega Race Results (Stage 2) : 1. Chandler Smith; 2. John Hunter Nemechek; 3. Stewart Friesen; 4. Ben Rhodes; 5. Grant Enfinger; 6. Christian Eckes; 7. Tyler Ankrum; 8. Corey Heim; 9. Zane Smith; 10. Ty Majeski;

Talladega Truck
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 54 (11-94 / 94)

The leaders head for the pit lane. Chase Purdy and Bret Holmes take over the front row.

Green flag on stage three, Matt DiBenedetto pushes Holmes to the lead into turn three.

Lap 49, Chase Purdy jumps to the outside lane. He catches the bumper of Eckes and Purdy takes the lead.

Lap 53, Holmes returns to the lead.

Lap 54, they split Purdy, three wide for the lead. Holmes takes over the lead into turn one.

Lap 57, Hocevar to the lead. It’s short lived as Eckes take the lead.

32 to go

32 to go, Nemechek is the first truck to the pit lane.

31 to go, most of the field dives to the pit lane.

Pit Penalty: Hailie Deegan’s crew had a tire get away.

The caution is out for the lost tire. NASCAR has pulled the hard card of the crew member that ran into the infield to get the tire.

Pit Penalty: Friesen, DiBenedetto and Sauter have been caught speeding.

Hocevar cycles to the race lead.

Green, Hocevar is clear off turn two.

25 to go, Ben Rhodes pushes Eckes to the lead on the outside lane. Hocevar fights back on the inside.

22 to go, Colby Howard spins, caution.

Green, Hocevar and Eckes form door to door for the lead. Several laps later, Hocevar is pushed clear.

16 to go

16 to go, Enfinger slows with an issue in turn four. Austin Wayne Self, Tanner Gray, Johnny Sauter and others are collected as Enfinger couldn’t pull out of line fast enough. The caution is out.

Green with 10 to go, Hocevar and Eckes run side by side off turn two.

6 to go, they remain side by side at the front of the field! Hocevar is off pace with a flat tire off turn four! No caution.

Bret Holmes takes over the lead! Hocevar spins, caution.

We’re going into NASCAR overtime…

Green, Eckes clears Rhodes into turn one. Rhodes pulls back even on the outside lane off turn two. Holmes shoves Rhodes clear into turn three.

1 to go, Rhodes moves to the top. Holmes drives inside of him, side by side.

Holmes noses ahead off turn two but he has no help. Rhodes clears him on the outside and he dives to the inside. Eckes pulls alongside.

Corey Heim spins through the tri-oval.

Holmes looks to the outside of Rhodes, DiBenedetto dives inside. Three wide coming to the line. Rhodes shoves DiBenedetto below the apron.

Bret Holmes wins at Talladega Superspeedway! Big crash behind him!

The finish is under review by NASCAR as the caution was out. Matt DiBenedetto is handed the win!

Talladega Superspeedway
Race Results
October 1, 2022
NASCAR Truck Series

Talladega Superspeedway - NASCAR Truck Series - Photo Finish
TALLADEGA, ALABAMA – OCTOBER 01: Matt DiBenedetto, driver of the #25 Rackley Roofing Chevrolet, takes the checkered flag under caution over Bret Holmes, driver of the #32 Golden Eagle Syrup Chevrolet, to win the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Chevy Silverado 250 at Talladega Superspeedway on October 01, 2022 in Talladega, Alabama. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Pos | Driver

1. Matt DiBenedetto
2. Ben Rhodes
3. Bret Holmes
4. Ryan Preece
5. Christian Eckes
6. Hailie Deegan
7. Chase Purdy
8. Colby Howard
9. Parker Kligerman
10.Tyler Ankrum
11. Kaden Honeycutt
12. Clay Greenfield
13. Derek Kraus
14. Chandler Smith
15. Timmy Hill
16. Parker Retzlaff
17. Zane Smith
18. Kaz Grala
19. Jack Wood
20. Stewart Friesen
21. Bayley Currey
22. Matt Crafton
23. Ty Majeski
24. John Hunter Nemechek
25. Johnny Sauter
26. Corey Heim
27. Blaine Perkins
28. Carson Hocevar
29. Grant Enfinger
30. Austin Wayne Self
31. Tanner Gray
32. Jennifer Jo Cobb
33. Lawless Alan
34. Dean Thompson
35. Bryan Dauzat
36. Jordan Anderson

NASCAR Truck Series
Point Standings
Matt DiBenedetto wins - Talladega Superspeedway - NASCAR Truck Series
TALLADEGA, ALABAMA – OCTOBER 01: Matt DiBenedetto, driver of the #25 Rackley Roofing Chevrolet, celebrates in victory lane after winning the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Chevy Silverado 250 at Talladega Superspeedway on October 01, 2022 in Talladega, Alabama. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

After: Talladega – Round of 8 (Race 2 of 3)

1. Ty Majeski
1 Win (In Round)

2. Chandler Smith

3. Zane Smith

4. Ben Rhodes

— Playoff Cutline —

5. Stewart Friesen

6. Christian Eckes

7. John Hunter Nemechek

8. Grant Enfinger

Talladega Superspeedway
Video Highlights
October 1, 2022
NASCAR Truck Series

Talladega SuperSpeedway | NASCAR

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NASCAR driver airlifted after Talladega fire (Video) Sat, 01 Oct 2022 17:37:33 +0000 Shane Walters Talladega fire sends NASCAR driver to hospital

On Saturday morning, Talladega Superspeedway opened the race weekend. The NASCAR Truck Series took the green flag on the playoff event.

Watch a video of the NASCAR fire at Talladega below.

With 2 laps to go in stage one, Jordan Anderson lost an engine entering turn one. The truck emmediatly caught fire.

The flames billowed from the back of his machine. However, some of those flames also entered the cockpit.

As the truck slide toward the inside wall, Anderson was already unbuckled and ready to get out.

Just seconds before a light impact with the outside wall, Anderson stuck his head out of the driver’s side window. That was a scary scene in itself as Anderson was nearly pinched against the wall.

However, the driver climbed from the machine. He then fell to the ground as the safety team surrounded him. He was placed on a stretcher and taken to the infield care center for evaluation.

Anderson was burned in the crash. The extent of the burns remains unknown.

After a trip to the infield care center, a decision was made to airlift him to a hospital in Birmingham.

This story will be updated if more information becomes available.

Tyler Reddick hits NASCAR official on pit lane at Talladega (Video)

Jordan Anderson issues statement

On Saturday night, Anderson issued the following statement:

“So grateful for all the prayers and support,” Anderson opened via social media.

“Have been in some great hands with all the NASCAR and UAB nurses and doctors. No doubt god’s hand was protecting me through that one. Scariest moment of my racing career by far.”

“Ended up with second degree burns across my neck, face, right arm, hands and both knees. Getting cleared to home tonight. Doctors say everything should be healing up within a few weeks.”

The driver and team owner concluded, “Will keep everyone updated on the healing process but just thankful it wasn’t worsse.”

Jordan Anderson Fire
Talladega Superspeedway

Talladega TV Schedule: October 2022 (NASCAR)


Jordan Anderson | Talladega SuperSpeedway | NASCAR

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