Racing News - Racing Games News Fri, 30 Sep 2022 03:55:25 +0000 en-us hourly 1 NASCAR driver clears name after iRacing user makes racial slurs Thu, 01 Sep 2022 12:01:00 +0000 Shane Walters NASCAR driver Tanner Gray says he was not the driver in the video that went viral

Tanner Gray is a 23-year-old driver who runs full-time in the NASCAR Truck Series. However, he’s not the only Tanner Gray.

On Tuesday night, an iRacing user with the name Tanner Gray mocked spanish-speaking drivers during an oline practice session.

Unlike most online games, in iRacing users are required to use their actual names. Fake names aren’t allowed as the name on the credit card is the only option.

The video went somewhat viral, in a hurry. It led a portion of the internet to target NASCAR driver Tanner Gray.

Gray does have an iRacing account. However, the account has been inactive since 2018. That account used his mother’s name.

Additionally, the account that used racist language was forced on July 27th by a Georgia user. The NASCAR driver Tranner Gray noted that he was racing at Indianapolis Raceway Park on July 29.

Additionally, iRacing EVP Steve Meyers confirmed that the user in violation was not the NASCAR driver.

Tanner Gray issues statement

“I have been made aware of racially insensitive comments from an account using my likeness during an iRacing practice session that are wrongly attributed to me,” Gray stated via social media.

“I do not have an active membership, and last raced in 2018 using an account under my mother’s name.”

“The profile of the account in question shows it was launched on 7/27/22 by an individual in Georgia. They have run nearly 200 races in the last month, including actively conflicting with my NCWTS schedule beginning with the Lucas Oil Raceway Park.”

He added, “I denounce the behavior shown in this video, and I’m actively working with iRacing to get this user flagged and removed from the service.”


Tanner Gray | iRacing | NASCAR

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NASCAR Rivals paint scheme to debut at Daytona (Game Trailer) Tue, 23 Aug 2022 20:21:50 +0000 ENAHSWeb Watch the trailer for the new NASCAR video game

Motorsport Games Inc. (NASDAQ: MSGM) and Live Fast Motorsports have teamed up for the race at Daytona International Speedway. The NASCAR Rivals paint scheme will be fitted to the No. 78 Ford Mustang for the race on Saturday, August 27, 2022.

View the NASCAR Rivals paint scheme below.

NASCAR Rivals is the official video game of NASCAR. It can be played on the Nintendo Switch™. Pre-orders will begin on Wednesday, August 24.

NASCAR Rivals is an evolution of the NASCAR Heat and NASCAR 21:Ignition franchise. However, this game is built on the Unity platform. The new platform brings an updated physics model.

Game Price:

New dirt track racing game coming to console in 2022

BJ McLeod comments

NASCAR Rivals Paint Scheme
NASCAR Rivals Paint Scheme

“Our team is super excited to be back at the track with Motorsport Games,” said driver and team co-owner, B.J. McLeod.

“This fall Daytona race is special for two reasons. One, the LFM No. 78 Ford Mustang will be boasting MSG’s new NASCAR Rivals game. This exciting game features the 2022 official teams, drivers, cars, and regular season and playoff schedule.”

“I look forward to its release on Oct. 14. Second, I earned my top NASCAR finish at Daytona International Speedway’s 2021 Cup Series race last fall, P9. I’m eager to hit the track again and aim for another incredible finish.”

McLeod is in his 7th year of NASCAR Cup Series racing. He has 1 top-10 in a 104 starts.

Dale Earnhardt Jr won on iRacing while backwards & upside down (Video)

NASCAR Video Game Trailer


Live Fast Motorsports | NASCAR Rivals | Daytona International Speedway | NASCAR

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Dale Earnhardt Jr won on iRacing while backwards & upside down (Video) Thu, 21 Apr 2022 23:21:36 +0000 Shane Walters Watch the video of the wild iRacing finish for the NASCAR Hall of Famer

iRacing is a digital racing simulator. MOONCAR is a league on the service that’s become popular enough to grab the attention of real-world stars turned gamers, including Dale Earnhardt Jr.

This week, the MOONCAR Series ran a race at Talladega Superspeedway. A digital version of the same track NASCAR will race this weekend.

The race saw a restart with just two laps to go. Dale Earnhardt Jr restarted in the 3rd position.

As they took the white flag, all hell broke loose. Martinez was turned from the outside lane through the tri-oval. As he slid across the track, 10+ cars were collected.

Dale Jr narrowly escaped the crash. Instead, Jr resurfaced in 2nd rolling into turn one. Butler led off turn two with Wynn in 3rd.

Off turn four for the final time, Dale Jr had a run on race leader Butler. At the same time, Wynn had a run on Dale Jr.

Dale Jr worked to the outside of Butler but pushed through the tri-oval. Wynn was able to fit between them and they ran three wide to the finish line.

Butler clipped Wynn, turning him into Dale Jr. All three leaders were crashing across the finish line.

Dale Earnhardt Jr got turned around backwards. The car caught air but he still crossed the finish line with the win. Backwards and upside down, Dale Earnhardt Jr won on the digital Talladega Superspeedway.

Dale Earnhardt Jr installed dashboard sticker; Bud asked him to remove it, during iconic NASCAR race

Dale Earnhardt Jr comments on MOONCAR win at Talladega

It was his first MOONCAR race and he won in his first try.

“Man that was wild! A lot of fun,” Dale Earnhardt Jr stated over the radio communication just seconds after crossing the line.

“I feel better now because I threw away that dirt race we were running right before this. Leading and right front into the fence. Stepped on it really bad.”

“But, that was pretty fun. Especially coming across the finish line backwards, in the air.”

“I just want to thank y’all. I appreciate what y’all do. Y’all got a great buzz going on, on the service. It’s pretty cool. I follow along on social media and see what y’all are up to. It’s great to finally be part of it.”

“I think it’s pretty cool to win a race in the air but apparently this happens nightly in MOONCAR,” Dale Earnhardt Jr added via social media.

New dirt track racing game coming to console in 2022

Dale Earnhardt Jr win MOONCAR race

Budweiser called when Dale Earnhardt Jr had the largest beer order in NC

Dale Earnhardt Jr recalls the ‘most important moment’ with his father


Dale Jr | iRacing | NASCAR

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New dirt track racing game coming to console in 2022 Mon, 18 Apr 2022 11:29:00 +0000 Shane Walters iRacing helps to bring the first World of Outlaws video game in 10 years

Dirt racing games are rare in the console world. That’s set to be fixed.

iRacing is the leader in simulator racing within the PC world. With the purchase of a gaming studio, they’re set to bring their work to consoles.

In early April, iRacing and the World of Outlaws announced an extension of their partnership agreement. iRacing currently holds the exclusive partnership agreement for PC with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series, World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Model Series, Super DIRTcar Series, Xtreme Outlaw Series and DIRTcar.

Last year, iRacing purchased Monster Games. The studio already had a new dirt track game in development and now it’s going to be massively improved.

Since the purchase, the new dirt racing game has been updated and work continues. iRacing helped improve the product with both art and physics.

Tish Sheets: World of Outlaws

“We’ve had an exceptional partnership with iRacing and are thrilled to not only continue that relationship for many years but to expand it, as well,” said World Racing Group Client Services Executive Director Tish Sheets.

Sheets added, “Along with all of our Series and tracks having a presence in the PC simulation product, we’re all highly anticipating the release of the new World of Outlaws console game.”

The new dirt racing game will be released on Xbox and PlayStation. It will feature the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series.

Tony Gardner: iRacing

“We’ve been exploring the right opportunity for iRacing to move into the console gaming market for quite some time and are excited to partner with World of Outlaws in order to take this first step later this year,” said iRacing President Tony Gardner.

“iRacing’s acquisition of Monster Games (in 2021) enabled us to step in and help provide some improvements to this title while it was already in development, and we look forward to being able to contribute even more to MGI’s future titles.”

Gardner added, “We look to provide the dirt racing community with an engaging and fun console gaming experience.”

The new game marks the first World of Outlaws console game in 10 years.

Rich Garcia: Monster Games

“With iRacing’s resources, we were able to take extra time in development to add features and content that will provide a fun and realistic experience for everyone, from multiplayer online action to a career mode featuring real-world drivers and tracks,” said Monster Games Founder Rich Garcia.

Garcia added, “We’re excited to give the robust community and World of Outlaws’ passionate fanbase a console gaming experience that they’ve long craved.”’

Before the iRacing purchase, Monster Games previously developed popular games like NASCAR Heat and Dirt to Daytona.

In the release, only the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series was mentioned as a feature of the console game.

New dirt racing game set to be released; With help from Tony Stewart (Gameplay Video)


Monster Games | iRacing | World of Outlaws

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New NASCAR game is looking rough (Videos) Mon, 25 Oct 2021 11:01:00 +0000 Shane Walters The new NASCAR 2021 video game is set to be released this week; Here’s a look at the issues

If you’re a racing driver, you use iRacing. For everyone else, the more generic racing games appear ok.

Not in this case. The early players of the NASCAR 21: Ignition Game are throwing the black flag.

The game is produced by Motorsport Games. It’s the first time their using a new tech, Unreal Engine 4. The company acquired rFactor earlier this year.

Motorsport Games also released the previous NASCAR Heat versions. This version will feature every track on the real-worl NASCAR schedule, including Circuit of the Americas and Nashville Superspeedway.

Fans had high hopes for the new game. The new tech engine was set to be a game changer for the gaming series.

Earlier this week, game reviewers were given there first laps of the new game. It’s been rough. The most annoying of all, steering help can be set on low, medium or high but it cannot be disabled. The car regularly steers itself.

Setups cannot be customized. The only change that can be made is a loose or tight settings bar. No, customized options are available for spring, shocks or anything else.

NASCAR 2021: Glitches

Then, there are far bigger bugs to address. For instance, many users have reported that while on track the car will suddenly jump from the race track, right into a pit stop.

One of those cases was seen on a live stream from David Schildhouse. Schildhouse also works as a videographer for Rick Ware Racing.

Schildhouse was leading on the final lap, he was then sent to the pits, abruptly. It didn’t stop there, it happened on a loop, for 9 and a half hours as Schildhouse went to bed. When he woke up, he saw that the game had put itself out of it’s misery by crashing.

AI cars don’t appear to make any attempts to avoid a parked car on the track. That can lead to massive pileups, at any track.

The lack of crash avoidance from the computer cars provides bigger issues on restarts. In some cases, the field is crashed before the green flag even comes out. And when the green does come out, the field is instead parked in a traffic jam.

Finally, the most amazing glitch even, in any racing game. We’ve seen video (shown below) of the pace car on the track during green flag conditions. The much slower pace car of course caused a crash which brought out a yellow.

NASCAR 2021 Game
NASCAR 2021 Game

NASCAR ’21: Ignition: Note to fans

On Wednesday, the game released a comment via their twitter account:

“We’ve seen a lot of excitement around the launch of NASCAR 21: Ignition and the feedback from out community.”


“The continued support is invaluable to our team. We are actively working on updated and should have them live for you to enjoy soon. Thank you for your support.”

Motorsports Games provided the following statement to media:

“We are actively working on resolving the issues that have been reported by the community thus far. We hope to have our next patch live very soon, with additional fixes to follow.”

The game is set to be officially released on October 28th, 2021. It will be released on XBox, Stream and PS4.

NASCAR 2021 Gameplay

Motorosport Games | NASCAR

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