Indiana race track to open grandstands to defend constitutional rights; Event sold out

Daugherty Speedway feels their constitutional rights are being violated; They’re opening the gates to a sold out crowd with pending plans to fight it to the supreme court

The event is already sold out

Daugherty Speedway is a 3/8-mile dirt track. The track is located in Bowell, Indiana of Benton County.

They are going racing. The first event will be held on May 9th. A full pit area of classes are on deck with the Pro Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Sport Compacts.

Update: Government officials barricade Daugherty Speedway to prevent race from taking place; Event canceled

Business owners are becoming restless amid restrictions in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In Texas, a salon owner open the doors. The owner then spent 7 days in jail.

All across the country, state and local government restrictions are being lifted. Yet, it’s a phased opening.

Most of Indiana is currently on phase 2 of the governors plan which limits gatherings to 25 people. Marion, Lake and Cass counties don’t move to phase two until May 11th. And Indianapolis is on a stay at home order until May 15th.

At the same point, the Indiana governor has lifted restrictions on church gatherings as recently as this week. Calling it, “a good place to start” though he maintains that places of worship should still put social distancing in place.

The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis operates 50 churches. Despite lifted restrictions, they will not be opening.

“We remain committed to doing everything we can to slow the spread of the pandemic,” a statement from Episcopal reads. “For that reason, we will not be reopening our church buildings for in-person worship this month.”

Meanwhile, also in Indiana, a race track owner feels his constitutional rights are being stepped on. So, he’s going to open the gates.

Daugherty Speedway announcement

“Attention Fans and Drivers!!!! We are RRRRRRAAACCCING NEXT SATURDAY MAY 9TH!!!! You heard that right! Ready to hear the roar of the engines? We are too! Full race show including Pro Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stock, and Sport Compact,” the track shared via social media.

“We feel the order of the Governor is 100% unconstitutional and a court just upheld this order as of Friday May 1. So we are READY to fight for our constitutional rights. Racetracks were specifically excluded from the government assistance which is what is being utilized as unconstitutional grounds.”

“Grandstands will be open but will will limit the number of fans to ensure social distancing requirements are met.”

“Please please share this post as we Fight for our right to race!!”

Track on defense

“Just an FYI to anyone questioning the law, there have been no LAWS passed regarding this virus. Laws are passed by congress, not governors,” the track responded amid backlash from a portion of the fanbase.

“We will fight all the way to the Supreme Court for our constitutional rights! If you don’t feel safe, stay home, easy as that. No one is making you come to the races. So as my friend Randy Lines says, RACE ON!”

“We would like to clarify that Tony Stewart is NOT promoting, nor is he affiliated with this Saturdays race. Someone asked who was promoting and it was stated Tony Stewart as a joke, due to the rumors of him purchasing the track. After speaking with him, he just would like us to redact that joke.”

The track did send a plan to the governors office. Which they explained on Thursday:

“Michael had a meeting yesterday with the Superintendent of the Indiana State Police, as well as Chief legal counsel to the Governor, as well as a couple additional members of his cabinet.”

“A proposal was submitted to the Governor this morning. We have not heard back, which we are hoping is a good thing. We shared many valid points that were acknowledged by the Governors staff.”


New Castle Motorsports Park was shut down by the state on Thursday. It’s a karting track, also located in Indiana.

The Daugherty Speedway dirt track is limiting ticket sales. They were available for purchase online. However, the event has sold out.

Pits open at 3pm. Grandstands open at 4pm. Racing begins at 7pm.

As of Wednesday, the track had 33 Modifieds, 34 Street Stocks, and 36 Sport Compacts and 18 Pro Late Models registered. Mid-week, the track closed registrations for all but dirt late models.

Face masks aren’t required, just recommended. Just in case you needed more reasons not to attend.


Daugherty Speedway