NASCAR driver airlifted after Talladega fire (Video)

Talladega fire sends NASCAR driver to hospital

On Saturday morning, Talladega Superspeedway opened the race weekend. The NASCAR Truck Series took the green flag on the playoff event.

Watch a video of the NASCAR fire at Talladega below.

With 2 laps to go in stage one, Jordan Anderson lost an engine entering turn one. The truck emmediatly caught fire.

The flames billowed from the back of his machine. However, some of those flames also entered the cockpit.

As the truck slide toward the inside wall, Anderson was already unbuckled and ready to get out.

Just seconds before a light impact with the outside wall, Anderson stuck his head out of the driver’s side window. That was a scary scene in itself as Anderson was nearly pinched against the wall.

However, the driver climbed from the machine. He then fell to the ground as the safety team surrounded him. He was placed on a stretcher and taken to the infield care center for evaluation.

Anderson was burned in the crash. The extent of the burns remains unknown.

After a trip to the infield care center, a decision was made to airlift him to a hospital in Birmingham.

This story will be updated if more information becomes available.

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Jordan Anderson issues statement

On Saturday night, Anderson issued the following statement:

“So grateful for all the prayers and support,” Anderson opened via social media.

“Have been in some great hands with all the NASCAR and UAB nurses and doctors. No doubt god’s hand was protecting me through that one. Scariest moment of my racing career by far.”

“Ended up with second degree burns across my neck, face, right arm, hands and both knees. Getting cleared to home tonight. Doctors say everything should be healing up within a few weeks.”

The driver and team owner concluded, “Will keep everyone updated on the healing process but just thankful it wasn’t worsse.”

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