F1000: Brian Novak Racing Launches New Website

2012 Brian Novak Racing Logo

JULY 4TH, 2012 (ST. LOUIS, MO) Two time SCCA national champion Brian Novak has been active climbing the racing ladder since 2003. Just last year, he took the machine to four wins and closed out the season with the SCCA national F1000 championship. Based out of Detroit, Michigan the DUDE Vodka sponsored team looks to continue building the long resume of motorsports accomplishments into the new season.

Brian Novak Racing is excited to debut their new formula team website to the motorsports community. Please log on at http://www.BrianNovakRacing.com to browse the new website.

Brian Novak Racing would like to thank all of their sponsors for their continued support to the sport. These include; DUDE Vodka, NovaRace LLC, Aim Data Acquisition and Walters Web Design.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities with Brian Novak Racing, please visit the teams marketing and contact pages. They would be happy to explain in detail how motorsports marketing can help to grow your business.

Motorsports design team http://www.WaltersWebDesign.com the manufacturer of this new website is pleased to announce the new partnership with the Brian Novak Racing and we look forward to working with the team far into the future.

Stay tuned to the teams social media page and website throughout the new racing season to receive up to the minute updates. The new team website will be updated regularly with event changes and race results. Be sure to visit the photo albums as well for any race fans entertainment purposes.

Brian Novak Racing

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About Brian Novak Racing
Based out Detroit, Michigan Brian Novak Racing has built a long list of accomplishments as the driver climbs the racing ladder. Currently to team competes in a F1000 machine sponsored by DUDE Vodka. The driver has 10+ years experience in open-wheel classes with a 2007 SCCA National Championship and Triple Crown in Formula 500 and a 2011 SCCA National Championship in Formula B (Formula 1000).

About Walters Web Design
Founded in 2004, Walters Web Design specializes in motorsports website development and graphic design. We use advertising and social marketing to help facilitate visitors and potential customers to all our client websites. “We take pride in all of our customer websites and we want each design to be better than our last. We feel this is what has put us above all the rest in our industry.” Walters Web Design is pleased to partner with ‘Brian Novak Racing’ for the first year and we look forward to working with them far into the future.

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