2017 Mid Ohio Results – August 12, 2017 – NASCAR Xfinity Series

2017 Mid-Ohio results from August 12th, 2017 featuring the NASCAR Xfinity Series

Today, the NASCAR Xfinity Series heads to a true blue road course. Stage 1 and 2 are 20 laps, stage 2 is also 20 laps. The final stage will be 35 laps.

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Stage 1

Green flag, Sam Hornish Jr and Elliott Sadler lead the field to the green. Hornish outbrakes Sadler into turn 1. Sadler to the lead.

Allgaier is in the beach. He just slid right through the corner. The #19 had trouble behind as well. Caution, possible fluid on track. Cole Custer is on pit road, he’s the one dropping the fluid. The team rushed to get that car together and on the grid. Possible they missed a bolt.

Green, Hornish jumps to the lead in turn 1. This time Elliott Sadler clears the second row at the entry, he slots into 2nd.

8 laps remain in stage 1. Hornish leads by 2.5 seconds. Sadler, Blake Koch and newcomer James Davison run nose to tail for the runner-up position.

Regan Smith is off. Wheel hop under braking. He was making a move on Ross Chastain for 8th. He’s beached but he reverses it out of the sand. Going forward likely would have buried the splitter.

5 to go, big trouble for Matt Bell. This looks strange. He’s off at a high speed portion of the course. He’s gone through the sand trap and still had enough speed to destroy the car and climb on top of the tire barrier. Red flag. Driver is alright.

Rolling under yellow, Sam Hornish Jr, James Davison and many more are on pit road. Elliott Sadler and Blake Koch remain on track. All Xfinity regulars in the top 10.

1 to go, green flag. Elliott Sadler gets a great restart. But Poole gets a better one. Sadler to the lead, Poole picks up a position and moves up to 2nd. Poole dives to the inside at turn 2, Elliott turns down like there’s not a car there. It was certainly a late move by Poole.

Blake Koch gives Poole the bumper. Koch gets a run off the corner, they rub doors as Koch takes the lead! Short track racing on NASCAR road courses. Koch wins stage 1!

Stage 1 Results: 1. Blake Koch; 2. Brennan Poole; 3. Brendan Gaughan; 4. Ryan Reed; 5. Ross Chastain; 6. Jeremy Clements; 7. Ryan Sieg; 8. Daniel Hemric; 9. Sam Hornish Jr; 10. Josh Bilicki;

Koch radio, “That was super cool!”

Stage 2

Hemric and Reed on row 1. Green, Hemric takes the lead in turn 1. Sam Hornish is coming quickly. He’s just picked off Reed for 2nd and sets sight at the leader.

16 to go, Hornish to the lead in turn 2. Through the field like swiss cheese and he made the out-braking look easy. Davison has a lot of pressure from Allgaier for 3rd. Allgaier has rebounded after hitting the sand early. Sheldon Creed is off track, no caution.

12 to go, Reed hasn’t been to pit road yet. He runs 5th but has at least 10 cars stacked nose to tail behind him. Justin Marks pokes a hole to get through in turn 2, 9 more behind. Elliott Sadler is on pit road.

9 to go, Ben Kennedy to the inside of Ryan Reed, contact and Reed goes for a loop. Kennedy pushed it in a bit hard, he blew the corner and connected with Reed’s right rear. But, we all saw that coming. Kennedy had the door shut multiple times over leading up to that.

5 to go in stage 2, Sam Hornish Jr leads by 4 seconds. Hemric 2nd and Davison 3rd.

Sam Hornish Jr wins stage 2.

Stage 2 Results: 1. Sam Hornish Jr; 2. Daniel Hemric; 3. James Davison; 4. Justin Allgaier; 5. Andy Lally; 6. Justin Marks; 7. Regan Smith; 8. Ben Kennedy; 9. Brennan Poole; 10. Blake Koch;

Stage 3

The field hits the pits for the final time. Hemric takes the lead on the exit of pit road. Hornish wanted a candy bar passed through the window, it may have cost him the lead.

Hemric picks the outside, that’s interesting. He gets the jump and clears Hornish by turn 1. Hornish looks inside at turn 4 but back out.

Hornish takes a look to the inside in turn 2. He back out. To the inside in turn 4. Side-by-side all the way through the S’s. Hornish spins the rear over the hill. He still completes the pass, sideways. He runs it to the grass and takes the spot with 30 laps to go.

28 to go, the #78 of Stephen Young is stuck in the sand. Williams Byron is around as well, he loops and continues. Caution.

24 to laps to go, green flag. Allgaier thought about making it 3 wide on the inside of turn 1. Wisely, he backed out. Hemric looks inside in turn 2, he didn’t have enough on him, he backs out as well.

Trouble! Koch backed out of the throttle as cars stacked up in front of him. Brennan Poole saw opportunity and stuck his nose on the inside. Koch decided he wasn’t there, came down. Koch went around, 360 degree spin. Ryan Reed comes over the hill with nowhere to go, he slams into Koch. Heavy damage to both cars, caution.

Davison runs 4th but he’s having issues getting it into gear. Crew radio, “Just slam it into gear.”

Green flag, 18 laps to go in the race. Hemric hangs on the outside through turn 2. Side-by-side into turn 2. Hemric takes the lead. Davison slips through on the inside as well.

Trouble behind them! Regan Smith gets pinched by Justin Allgaier in turn 2. He jumps sideways and turns left, in a right hander to catch it. Justin Marks was to his outside. Marks catches him and straightens him out.

However, Marks is sent off into the grass. A 360 in the grass and back on track in front of the field. They all fan out around him, except Ryan Reed. He finishes off the rest of his car, there’s no repairing the #16 after this one as smoke rises from the crunched hood.

Correction, Sam Hornish Jr was scored ahead of Davison. The #20 team disagree’s but Hornish will restart 2nd.

Green flag, 14 to go. Hemric gets the jump. This time he clears him by turn 1. He has a 4 car length gap into turn 2. Hornish gets a great run in turn 2, he made up every bit of that gap, he pulls along side Hemric heading into turn 3. New leader, Sam Hornish Jr.

Davison looks inside of Hemric into turn 3 as well. Hornish poked the hole and Davison filled it. Hemric slides the tires outside the groove. Davison runs his exit all the way to the grass. Hemric has to back out but he dips his left side tires in the grass anyway. Loose again in turn 4, his tires are covered in dirt. Gaughan is around him for 3rd.

12 to go, Davison is off track! Caution, Casey Mears is off track and stalled. Something in the power expired. Brennan Poole and Elliott Sadler trade fenders under caution. Light contact. Possibly a bit of retalliation going on. They run 5th and 6th.

Green flag, 8 laps remain. Sam Hornish Jr gets a push from Hemric. Hemric looks to the inside in turn 1, he backs out. Sam Hornish takes the lead. Gaughan pulls even at the exit of turn 2. Hornish out-brakes him in turn 3. A big of a lock up but he takes the position. Big stack up back in turn 1. The track is completely blocked. Red flag.

They’re going to try it again. Blake koch is somehow back to 9th. 5 to go, green flag. Sam Hornish Jr gets the jump. Hornish runs Brendan Gaughan off track at the exit of turn 1! He launches in the air over a bump. Sideways through the grass and back on track. He saves it but he’s back in 8th.

4 to go, 3 car is off track. He’s well off in run-off area. Davison is fighting, he muscled his way to the inside of Lally for 4th.

2 to go, Hornish leads by 1 second.

Sam Hornish Jr wins at Mid-Ohio!

Sam Hornish Jr - 2017 Mid Ohio results - NASCAR Xfinity Series
LEXINGTON, OH – AUGUST 12: Sam Hornish Jr., driver of the #22 Discount Tire Ford, in the NASCAR XFINITY Series Mid-Ohio Challenge at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on August 12, 2017 in Lexington, Ohio. (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Author: Shane Walters

2017 Mid Ohio Results
August 12, 2017
NASCAR Xfinity Series

1. Sam Hornish Jr
2. Daniel Hemric
3. Matt Tifft
4. James Davison
5. Andy Lally
6. Elliott Sadler
7. Brendan Gaughan
8. Brennan Poole
9. Justin Marks
10. Dakoda Armstrong
11. Blake Koch
12. Ryan Sieg
13. JJ Yaley
14. Brandon Jones
15. Ross Chastain
16. Anthony Kumpen
17. David Starr
18. Enrique Baca
19. Michael Annett
20. Tim Cowen
21. Joey Gase
22. Scott Lagasse Jr
23. Stephen Young
24. Cody Ware
25. William Byron
26. Ben Kennedy
27. Dylan Lupton
28. Regan Smith
29. Josh Biliki
30. Garrett Smithley
31. Justin Allgaier
32. Casey Mears
33. Ryan Reed
34. Sheldon Creed
35. Cole Custer
36. Spencer Gallagher
37. Jeremy Clements
38. Matt Bell
39. Jeff Green
40. Morgan Shepherd



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