NASCAR comments on Cone Rule

NASCAR confirms topic of pit road cone rule

Denny Hamlin said the drivers’ council sparked a conversation about pit road exit. The primary solution of discussion was the “cone rule”.

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That would allow drivers to pick a lane. If you came out 3rd and wanted to start 4th. You could.

That would keep drivers from creating traffic jams at the exit of pit road. Currently, on race tracks with a definite primary groove, drivers are known to hit the brakes and select the position they want, while leaving the pits.

NASCAR Cone Rule

Scott Miller, Senior VP of NASCAR Competition

NASCAR see’s the problem. NASCAR VP Scott Miller addressed their concerns via Sirius XM NASCAR radio, “Well, we’re certainly going to look at it. What we saw go on, that everybody’s talking about, was pretty obvious. Ironically, it didn’t quite work out. But, sometimes those things don’t.”

“That’s not something that we want. We don’t need accidents at the end of pit road, with people checking up. So, we’ll figure out how we’re going to address that one.”

“It really kinda only comes into play at a few places. We know when it’s possibly going to happen. So, we’ll try to address that.”

Scott Miller confirms cone rule discussions, “That is a topic that we have discussed a little bit.”

“I personally am really not super familiar with that and how it works. But, some of the others are.”

“It’s something that we’ve talked about. But, we talk about a lot of things.”

“When the final decision comes, I’m not sure what that will be. But, certainly it has been a topic of discussion.”


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