Mark Richards comments on the new visor rule in dirt racing

Mark Richards doesn’t understand why the dirt late model visor was eliminated instead of just being limited

In dirt late model racing, sun, light, dirt and dust can be an issue. To combat some of that, teams install tape across the front bars of the cockpit. It acts as a visor.

Over the years, the visor had gotten larger on select cars. It’s not like there’s more sun or light at the dirt track. It’s that teams were finding other uses for the visor.

The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and World of Outlaws Late Model Series have stepped in with a fix. They have outlawed the visor in the rule book.

Brandon Sheppard at PA Motor Speedway 1929
Brandon Sheppard at PA Motor Speedway in 2017 1929

Mark Richards comments on the visor rule

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the sun visor rule change?

“I don’t think it’s any big deal,” Mark Richards told at Golden Isles Speedway on Saturday.

But, what if the sun’s out?

“It ain’t for sun. It’s for light. It’s for the track lights.”

“The track lights shine in the drivers eyes and it closes his pupils. So, then he can’t see as far”

“The reason most guys run the visor is so their pupils stay open. It allows then to see further.”

“They took it out because I guess they don’t want anybody to see any good. I drove! I know what it’s like to have them lights in your eyes.”

“Just picture have a flashlight shined into your eyes. Then, trying to see.”

So, based on what you’re saying it wasn’t in any way used for aerodynamics?


Brandon Sheppard Bubba Raceway Park Photo 7920
Brandon Sheppard at Bubba Raceway Park in 2017 featuring orange visor tape

Enforcement of the visor rule in dirt racing

I think they took it out because some teams were getting carried away with it. But, would you have like to see them limit it, instead of eliminating it?

“Exactly. They got carried away with it. They were going beyond what it was really intended for.”

“I don’t understand why there isn’t a rule, as far as the size of it. That makes more sense.”

“Some guys got aggravated because other guys were taking advantage.”

“To me, it’s easy to fix. You just say, ‘Hey, you’re allowed a four inch visor.’ And that’s it.”

“For safety, if you can see better then it has to be better. Obviously, these guys that are making the rules have never drove.”


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