Chase Elliott comments on the People’s Champion poster

How does Chase Elliott feel about being called the People’s Champion?

On Sunday, the crowd erupted for Chase Elliott. After the post-race incident at Martinsville Speedway with Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott, the crowd stuck around for 20 minutes. They erupted for Chase Elliott. It was the first real sign that Chase Elliott is likely to become the new face of the sport.

On Monday, Eddie Gossage from Texas Motor Speedway engaged the NASCAR crowd. He created a poster, promoting the race using the People’s Champion in the banner. At the race track, that banner was installed at the speedway.

“Yeah, definitely kinda strange,” Chase Elliott says with a smile. But are you the People’s Champion? “I don’t know, it’s not for me to say.”

Chase Elliott People's Champion Poster - NASCAR
Chase Elliott People’s Champion Poster – NASCAR

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I’m not A) the promoter and I’m not the people, B

-Chase Elliott

“I’m in the position. I’m not A) the promoter and I’m not the people, B.”

“I did find a lot of support throughout the week and I do appreciate it. Whoever people wanna pick to pull for. If you can find a genuine connection with that person, then great. If it’s me or somebody else. I think as long as you have some reason that is genuine. Not just because somebody told you to or somebody you know, likes him.”

“If last week makes you wanna pull for us, for the rest of the season, then great. If it doesn’t, then don’t. We welcome any kind of support we can get.”

“It’s been very refreshing to see that, not just last week. I think there’s been a lot of people pulling for us throughout the year, that I’ve noticed more than ever.”

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Chase Elliott - Hooters
Chase Elliott – Hooters

Does this become a rivalry with Denny Hamlin?

Chase Elliott doesn’t have time to focus on it.

“I don’t think it’s a distraction for us. You can’t let the situation and the thing that what went on there, consume you. Because if you do you’re going to lose sight of what really matters.”

“What really matters is us going to win one of these next two weekends and go race for a championship. Like we were so close to doing last weekend. Close doesn’t cut it, any form of racing.”


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