Chad Finley Racing withdraws Las Vegas Motor Speedway entry

Freak accident prevents the NASCAR Truck Series team from reaching the next track on the NASCAR schedule

Chad Finley finished 28th at Atlanta Motor Speedway over the weekend. Finley drives the family-operated #42 in the NASCAR Truck Series.

Upon leaving Atlanta Motor Speedway, the team had an accident. The truck, hauler and race truck were all damaged heavily in the accident.

The race truck mentioned was the one that was set to head for Las Vegas. Robby Lyons was scheduled to pilot the machine.

Due to the damage, the team has elected not to travel across the country. Instead, they will re-group back at home.

Now, 31 trucks are scheduled to uploaded this weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Jeff Finley
Team Principal

“It’s been a rough start for Chad Finley Racing – but we were determined to persevere through and focus on heading to Las Vegas Motor Speedway with the mindset to turn our season around,” said team principal Jeff Finley.

“Unfortunately, we had an incident with our hauler where it was damaged while trying to exit the grounds of Atlanta Motor Speedway Saturday night.”

“After surveying it all, as our primary Vegas truck was also damaged and reviewing all of our options, we have decided to forgo Las Vegas and begin working on repairing our hauler and race trucks.”

“We’re disappointed that we are having to adjust our schedule so early in the season – but the hauler incident made it impossible for us to get to Las Vegas efficiently as it was scheduled to leave Monday morning.

“Everyone on the team will work fiercely on the program and we look forward to being back on the track soon for our drivers and marketing partners. Trust me when I say that racing is our lives and this setback will make us even more determined to get back to the track in the coming weeks.”

Chad Finley Racing - NASCAR Garage Area
Chad Finley Racing – NASCAR Garage Area

Robby Lyons

Robby Lyons was scheduled to make the start for the team in Las Vegas.

“What happened after Saturday night’s race was absolutely a freak accident and I’m just thankful that our driver was able to walk away and that nobody else was injured,” Lyons said.

“Although I personally don’t have all the information just yet, what I do know is that we just don’t have the time and resources available to make it to Las Vegas for Friday night’s race.”

“This is the kind of situation that can really drain the life out of a team and really throw a wrench into how the rest of the year plays out, but we aren’t just your average run of the mill team.”

“As I’ve said since Day One, I feel like we are a family and families stick together when things get tough and this is just another obstacle we will overcome and walk out of just that much stronger. Just thankful that everyone is safe.”


Atlanta Truck Race Results: February 23, 2019


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