Kyle Busch vs everybody at Watkins Glen International (Videos)

Hot tempers for Kyle Busch, William Byron and Bubba Wallace at the NASCAR road course

William Byron started on the front row at Watkins Glen International in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday. Kyle Busch started from row two.

Lap 2, Kyle Busch looked to the inside of Byron into turn one. The two made contact off the corner.

Byron might have pinched his exit a bit to hold Busch lower than he wanted off the corner. Left front to left rear contact and Kyle Busch went around. No caution, Busch looped it and continued to roll in 10th.

On the final lap in stage one, Kyle Busch had climbed to the rear bumper of William Byron. He drove it deep into the bus stop, locked horns and sent Byron through the infield grass.

“Ok. I’d finish him off,” the team stated to William Byron over the radio.

“Ok, coast it around. And if I see that #18 come back around here without you knocking the **** out of him… We’re going to have a problem,” Chad Knaus stated to his driver.

Moments later, the stage was over. The caution was out but Byron was still on the gas. He caught the rear bumper of Busch in turn two and lined him in the scope.

Moments before impact, Busch stomped on the brake pedal. The square impact was harder than Byron intended due to the brake check. It left near to no damage on Busch. Unfortunately, the retaliation backfired as the nose of Byron was now bent all to hell.

Bubba Wallace vs Kyle Busch at Watkins Glen

Kyle Busch wasn’t done creating excitement…

On lap 62, Busch and Bubba Wallace went to banging doors off turn seven. Wallace then ran him all the way to the inside wall.

Busch turned back to the left. He pushes Wallace back up the track and eventually into the patch of grass between the pavement and the front stretch wall.

As they moved toward turn one, Wallace hooked his bumper and sent him around into the corner. Busch was around once again. This time the caution was out.

Kyle Busch drove to the rear bumper of Wallace under caution. Unlike Byron, he made no retaliation attempt.


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