Bobby Pierce vs Kyle Strickler at Eldora Speedway

Strickler: “I’m sure he’ll get what’s coming to him.”

The Dirt Late Model Dream was postponed to 2021. In it’s place, Eldora Speedway opened their 2020 racing season with the Dirt Late Model Stream.

The race saw two preliminary nights, paying $10,000 each to win. Saturday’s finale paid $50,000 to win.

Kyle Strickler is a newcomer to the dirt late model world. But, on Thursday night, he drove it to the feature win in the opening night of the inaugural dirt race.

Points were accumulated from both nights. At the end of the night two, Bobby Pierce earned more points than anyone of the 40+ cars in attendance.

In Saturday’s main event, Strickler started 7th. Pierce started deep in the field, 15th. But, Pierce was coming to the front.

It was the race of the weekend…

Bobby Pierce vs Kyle Strickler

On lap 18, Pierce and Strickler made contact. Pierce was going for 10th and it went wrong.

Pierce drove it deep to the bottom in turn three to slide Strickler. He drove right on the rear bumper of Moran in the process and lost the air on the nose.

Meanwhile, Strickler had a lane to his own around the top. He was on the gas around the cushion.

Pierce never cleared him. But, as the air went away, so did the traction. Pierce slid up the banking with no momentum.

Strickler was on his outside as Pierce moved up the banking. Off turn four, Strickler was stuffed in the fence and he weekend was over.

Strickler’s car stalled and never re-fired. As safety workers put him on the hook, Strickler walked a few feet down the race track to clap in the direction of Bobby Pierce as the No. 32 drove by under caution.

Pierce went on to put on a show. He was glued to the cushion and beating the right rear off as he drove to the front.

In the closing laps, Pierce and Brandon Sheppard were bumper to bumper as each of them threw sparks off the wall. But, late in the event, the bottom rubbered up. McCreadie clicked around the bottom and took over the race lead with just a handful of laps to go.

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Kyle Strickler at Eldora Speedway
Kyle Strickler at Eldora Speedway (Photo: DIRTcar Racing)

Kyle Strickler on Bobby Pierce

“I guess we got Bobby Pierce’d right there,” Kyle Strickler told FloRacing shortly after the early race crash.

“I’m new at this. And I know I’m not the first person he’s done that to.”

“Why the hell would you do that on lap 10 or 12, whatever it was. Something stupid. I don’t know, maybe he’s going to put a show on for all the fans here I guess.”

Eldora Speedway hosted the race without fans in the stands.

“Just completely stupid and just wrecked out race car for no reason. I hope somebody gives it back to him. I’m sure he’ll get what’s coming to him.”

Bobby Pierce on the incident with Kyle Strickler

“I know, Kyle Strickler, he was mad,” Bobby Pierce said after the race. But like, that’s just a racing deal.”

“When I got Devin’s dirty air, I just slid a lot faster than I wanted to. I figured he’d be there. But, at that point, there’s nothing I could do.”

“I was trying to get to the front. I knew I had to get by guys. Any little chance I had, I had to take it.”

“Because the track started taking rubber there at the end. I told my crew it was going to happen. It’s been way too hot today. The sun’s been beating on it and the track’s been getting dryer and dryer as the week went on.”

“The track was really good tonight. There’s nothing like Eldora Speedway.”

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