Bristol Dirt Track packer cars crash (Video)

Watch the video of the dirt track packer cars crashing at the Bristol Motor Speedway

Saturday was a wash, just turn the page and forget about it.

Rain rolled into the speedway on Friday night and Saturday morning. The track was full of moisture as NASCAR prepared for a day of heat racing action and the NASCAR Truck Series feature.

Watch the video of the Bristol Motor Speedway packer cars crash below.

Ahead of the show, four packer cars were deployed to the racing surface. They serve a purpose of packing in the racing surface and removing some of the slime.

However, when the packer cars on the track, it’s slimey. The dirt track isn’t the normal 30 degrees of banking. However, the 19 degree dirt track and still cause traction issues on the slimey track.

As the packer cars entered turn three, the one of the outside lane slowly started falling down the banking. In the process, the car collected one of the other packer cars and they both came to a stop against the inside wall.

NASCAR driver Todd Gilliland stated, “The pack cars just wrecked and collected each other. Racing is off to a great start already.”

In reality, the racing got off to a far worse start…

Heat races

About an hour later, NASCAR dropped the green on the first hear race at the Bristol dirt track. It was a disaster as the red flag came out after just 1 lap.

Rooster tails completely covered the windshields and the grills of the trucks. With drivers unable to see, NASCAR was forced to red flag the race.

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Crate late models were sent onto the track to try and pack it in. Those cars are fitted with tearoff helmets instead of windshields.

However, another rain shower followed soon after. The day was a complete wash. All heat racing action has been canceled.

Now, feature race lineups have been set by the rule book. The NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Truck Series will race on Sunday.

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Packer cars crash on the Bristol Dirt Track


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