Bristol Dirt Track fights floods; Postpones race

More heavy rain moved into the area on Sunday, flooding the grounds and pushing back the race

This weekend, Bristol Motor Speedway is covered in dirt. As the rain has moved in, the dirt has turned to mud.

It’s a historic event in Bristol, Tennessee. The first NASCAR Cup Series race on the dirt since 1970.

Heat races were scheduled for Saturday. In one lap, the green flag turned to a red flag as the windshields of the NASCAR Truck Series field were filled with dirt.

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Heat races were canceled. Instead, the field has been set via the rule book.

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The NASCAR Truck Series and NASCAR Cup Series were set to have their feature race on Sunday following Saturday’s wash out. That has now changed.

Flooding at Bristol

On Sunday, more rain moved into the area. The creek flowed over and took over the campgrounds.

Overnight, the National Weather Service issued a flash flooding emergency.

Additionally, hospitality and merchandise areas on the South end of the speedway went underwater.

This morning, the track issued a warning, “RaceDay Center has 200 dry (no utilities) camping sites free of charge to anyone who needs to move due to weather. You may help yourselves in pad B.”

Sunday’s schedule has been postponed. The NASCAR Truck Series is now scheduled to race Monday at Noon ET. The NASCAR Cup Series race is now scheduled to begin at 4:00pm ET.

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Wind and sun will drastically help officials get the track ready to race. First, the rain has to stop. As of now, there’s little chance of rain scheduled for Monday.

SMI CEO Marcus Smith tweeted, “I wanted to send out a huge thanks to everyone for their support and patience while we wait out this rain. The team at Bristol Motor Speedway is still working to keep everyone safe with all the flooding around the track. The forecast for tomorrow is much better!”

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