Elton Sawyer moves to NASCAR VP of Competition position

NASCAR has announced key leadership changes ahead of the 2023 season

On Wednesday, NASCAR announced that Elton Sawyer will take the NASCAR VP of Competition role for 2023 and beyond. Sawyer previously raced in the NASCAR Xfinity Series before joining the officiating side of the sport in 2015. He’s also worked with Red Bull Racing and Evernham Motorsports.

Scott Miller formerly held the position. Miller has been moved to Competition Strategist, a new role within the same department.

NASCAR also announced the following management changes:

John Probst
NASCAR Chief Racing Development Officer

Dr. Eric Jacuzzi
NASCAR Vice President, Vehicle Performance

Dr. John Patalak
NASCAR Vice President, Safety Engineering

Brandon Thomas
NASCAR Vice President, Vehicle Design

Steve O’Donnell comments

“Elton Sawyer has shown incredible versatility throughout his four-plus decades in motorsports,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR Chief Operating Officer.

“Following his lengthy driving career, Elton held key leadership positions for several race teams and here at NASCAR for the last eight seasons. He will excel in this role, and we look forward to watching him continue to grow the Competition team during this crucial era in our sport’s history.”

“We are thrilled that Scott Miller has chosen to remain a key part of the NASCAR Competition team. When he joined NASCAR in 2016, Scott lent immediate credibility to the position. A trusted voice in the garage, Scott used his decades of experience to lead our Competition team to new heights during a time that saw a new race format, a new playoff format and a new race car. The mark he leaves on the organization is significant.”

“John Probst’s leadership and tireless devotion in the development of the Next Gen car over the last three years has been extraordinary. This project was among the most challenging and important endeavors in NASCAR history, and leaders like Probst, Dr. Eric Jacuzzi, Dr. John Patalak, Brandon Thomas and many others worked incredibly hard to not only put this car on the race track, but to make it a success for our industry and our fans.”

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Elton Sawyer comments

Sawyer first joined NASCAR is 2015, serving as the director of the NASCAR Truck Series. In 2016, he took on the role of NASCAR vice president, technical inspection and officiating.

The new position will see Sawyer leading on-track competition, inspection, rule development and officiating for the NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series and Truck Series.

“I have been a proud member of this extraordinary team for eight years, and I look forward to continuing to help grow the outstanding competition we’ve seen over the last several seasons,” Sawyer said. “NASCAR racing has been my life for decades. I have a deep passion for the sport, and am honored to be in a position to help shepherd the Competition team during these exciting times.”

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Scott Miller comments

“After more than 40 years around race cars week after week, it’s time to step back and look at the next chapter of my life in motorsports,” Miller said.

He added, “I’m thankful to the France Family and everyone at NASCAR for the opportunity they gave me seven years ago, and I appreciate the chance to stay in the fold to help however and wherever I can. We have a strong team at NASCAR, and I’m excited to remain a part of it.”

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