Indy 500 crash sends wheel over the track fencing (Video)

Watch the Indycar crash video below; Felix Rosenqvist, Kyle Kirkwood crash at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

On Sunday, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosted the 107th running of the famed Indy 500. Fans saw a massive crash in the closing laps of the event.

Watch the Indy 500 crash video below.

With 16 laps to go, Josef Newgarden took 6th away from Felix Rosenqvist with a move on the inside. That placed Rosenqvist on the dirty outside lane and in dirty air.

As Rosenqvist exited the corner, he lost downforce on the nose. The car failed to turn and he brushed the outside wall.

After picking up damage, the front wheels were broken. Rosenqvist was sent spinning across the track with the field coming at him at a high rate of speed.

Santino Ferrucci stated over the radio, “We just missed it, holy-shi*!”

Kyle Kirkwood who was running directly behind Ferrucci, wasn’t as lucky. As Rosenqvist came back across the track, he clipped Kirkwood in the left rear.

The impact ripped the left rear wheel off Kirkwood’s car. Kirkwood was sent hard into the outside wall.

After the impact with the wall, the car rolled onto it’s lid. Kirkwood went for a long slide, upside down with sparks flying.

On the onboard video, Kirkwood was seen calmly lifting his visor as he slid across the track.

Both drivers climbed from their machines.

Tire launched over the fence

The tire that came dislodged from Rosenqvist’s machine was sent skyward. It bounced over the catchfence at a high rate of speed.

Fans in the grandstands were seen ducking from the tire. However, the tire cleared the grandstand. The tire slammed into a parked car.

Officials stated that nobody was injured from the tire.

Indycar officials threw the red flag to clean up the track. The race is set to resume.

Kyle Kirkwood comments

“Everything happens so quick that you don’t really know what happened,” Kyle Kirkwood told NBC Sports after exiting the care center.

“All I’ve heard right now is that I was up in the fence. Which is never a good thing in Indycar. Thank god these cars are so safe.”

“We felt like we were going to win it. We were just driving through cars there on that second to last stint.”

“Glad I’m ok.”

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