Hailie Deegan’s dad Brian Deegan calls out NASCAR driver (Video)

Nick Sanchez crashed Hailie Deegan at WWT Raceway

The NASCAR Truck Series raced at WWT Raceway on Saturday. Drama has entered the comment section following the race in St. Louis, Missouri.

Watch the Hailie Deegan and Nick Sanchez crash video below.

Hailie Deegan exited turn two in a three wide battle. Nick Sanchez locked onto her bumper and attempted to push them both by the two trucks on the inside.

However, as they entered turn three, Sanchez was still on the bumper of Deegan. He she turned into the corner, she was spun of the front nose of Sanchez.

Deegan slammed the outside wall and was done for the day.

Michael Waltrip stated from the FOX booth, “Totally avoidable. You can’t just run over someone.”

Nick Sanchez took fault in the crash

“It’s unfortunate, to tear up a truck, especially her,” Nick Sanchez told Bob Pockrass after the race.

“Just racing hard, trying to get momentum. Pushed her back bumper off turn two and three. Just trying to get clear of the two on my inside.”

“Just racing so close, I hit her. No two ways around it.”

“Unfortunate, sucks that it happened. My apologies,” Sanchez concluded.

Hailie Deegan and family comment after the crash

Hailie Deegan posted the video with the caption, “Had a good day going till we got junked.”

Brian Deegan, father of Hailie, commented, “Truck series is a joke.”

Daddy Deegan had more to say following the incident. Yet, the following comment has since been removed:

“What a bitch. Yeah, that’s right,” Brian Deegan opened in the now deleted comment.

“He knew what he was doing. And shouldn’t get away with it. I’m so over seeing these clowns take you out.”

Brian Deegan added, “Something needs to happen. And NASCAR needs to pull their head out and use the black flag to protect the drivers and equipment.”

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Nick Sanchez crash Hailie Deegan

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