Hailie Deegan visited the dirt track in a disguised Walmart wig (Video)

Watch the behind the scene video of the NASCAR driver’s trip to Talladega

Last weekend, the NASCAR Playoffs landed in Talladega, Alabama. The NASCAR Truck Series rookie made her Talladega Superspeedway debut.

On Friday night ahead of the race at Talladega Superspeedway, you would have spotted Hailie Deegan in the Walmart Superscenter.

“Ok. Find me a wig that would be realistic,” Deegan said in her VBlog.

Deegan said of the wig display at Walmart, “We have so many options! Do you think blonde? Or should we be a ginger for the day?”

Deegan picked the blonde wig. She then visited the hat section to pick up an Alabama Crimson Tide hat to cover the wig.

“I have to braid my hair. I’ve never properly put a wig on. Let alone wore a Walmart wig. I have to make it look believable. If they see my brunette hair it will give it away.”

Deegan also put on a mask. Then, she entered the grandstands of the dirt track and sat next to race fans.

Deegan is no stranger to dirt track racing. She picked up the NASCAR Pro Series win on the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor speedway.

She sat in the stands and talked to the fans with a Southern accent to disguise her voice. She engaged the fans next to her…

Hailie Deegan talks with dirt racing fans

Deegan: “Who do you think going’s to win tonight?”

Fans: “The guy in front.”

Deegan: “Are y’all here for the NASCAR race?”

Fans: “Yeah. You come here a lot?”

Deegan: “Yeah, a few times.”

Fans: “Where you from?”

Deegan: “North Carolina. Actually, near Charlotte.”

Fans: “So, you must have come down to see Kyle Larson then.”

Deegan: “Kyle Larson! Yeah, of course, he’s the best. I’m most excited to watch the truck race, for sure. Trucks are the most chaotic.”

Fans from behind her: “Are you Hailie Deegan?”

Deegan: “Yes I am. Well, damn it. Somehow, they still managed to recognize me with the Walmart wig, the Alabama hat and a mask on. I don’t know how these kids can do it. They’re good at it. So, we’re going to ditch all this and go as Hailie Deegan into the stands and see what some fans say.”

Deegan hung the wig on a mirror of a pickup truck and went back into the race track.

The driver added, “This was not the place to bump out the blonde wig because somehow, I still got recognized. It probably doesn’t help that I was a blonde before I went back to brunette. Still, it was so much fun talking with everyone.”

Hailie Deegan - NASCAR Driver - National Anthem
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 24: Hailie Deegan, driver of the #1 Craftsman Ford, sands on the grid during the national anthem prior to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Victoria’s Voice Foundation 200 presented by Westgate Resorts at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on September 24, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Talladega Truck Race: $1,000,000 in NASCAR Trucks destroyed

The video from the weekend is titled, “OVER $1,000,000 IN TRUCKS DESTROYED *Talladega*”

Deegan was involved in a big crash, ending her day. Only 15 trucks finished on the lap lap. More than half the field finished the race in the garage.

“I knew that was going to happen. The outside was getting sketchy,” Deegan stated.

Furthermore, it’s the second time in three weeks, a race winner visited the infield care center. Tate Fogleman crashed across the finish line.

“I don’t even know what to say, that’s superspeedway racing. It’s like you can’t expect to do good here.”

“You got an 80% chance that you’re going to get wrecked. Legit, like 8 trucks made it passed the line. It’s wild, it’s crazy.”

“It’s like you’re not racing to go forward. You’re a sitting duck, just waiting for something to happen. You’re looking a couple trucks ahead, just seeing if you see an smoke.”

Deegan added, “We got Martinsville coming up next. I think that’s going to be another wreckfest. But, at least it’s a short track, so we should do better there.”

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Hailie Deegan visits the dirt track ahead of Talladega

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