Kenny Wallace talks love of dirt racing

Kenny Wallace: “Dirt racing is a little insane. It’s like potato chips, you can’t put the damn things down.”

906 dirt races is an important number. But can he get there?

Kenny Wallace ran 905 NASCAR races since 1988. That includes all 3 divisions of the NASCAR ladder. These days Kenny Wallace runs his racing career on earth toned racing surfaces.

“You know, I wanna say this. Obviously at my age right now, I race too much,” Kenny Wallace stated on his weekly Sirius Xm Radio show ‘The Late Shift’.

At the same time, Kenny Wallace has been thinking about slowing down in coming years. I asked him about that earlier in the summer at Tri-City Speedway.

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Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Stats
Kenny Wallace at Tri-City Speedway

“We just ran our 61st dirt race [of 2017]. And we go through these deep depressions and these real highs.”

“Like, we won 8 out of 14. But you go through that period where you’re thinking, ‘I should quit dirt racing. I’m running 6th.’ The other night, we run 9th.”

“I compare dirt racing… You’re on different soils; red clay, black mud, brown dirt. The moral of the story is this, you just can’t be the greatest every damn race. That’s just the way it is.”

“That’s the way everything is in life. It’s sad to say and I’m joking about it, you can’t be the greatest all the damn time. And I can’t win every damn dirt race.”

“Me and my crew chief, we go at it all the damn time. I tell Joey [Walsh], ‘We can’t win every damn race.’ I win a race, everybody’s happy. I run 2nd, they don’t look at me. I wanna snack ’em in the damn face, you know?”

“It’s called racing. Not winning.”

“Kenny Wallace Racing, the Toyota dirt car, the most I’ve ever run is maybe 50-52. Max, when I’m all done. I’d end up with about 70, because I’d go out on the West coast and I’d run about 10 other races for the IMCA guys.”

Kenny Wallace dirt racing
Kenny Wallace at Tri-City Speedway

“This year, my god. I blowed it out of the water. I’m gunna run over 70, in my own car.”

Just attempting to keep up with his schedule will make you feel sleepy.

Kenny Wallace has run on dirt surfaces for the last 11 years. He could easily say an average of 50 races a year. That puts him at or around 600 dirt races. Kenny Wallace has run 905 NASCAR races. Can he top that number?

“So, you’re telling me I gotta run 905 dirt races? And that’s easy to do.”

Dirt racing is a little insane. It’s like potato chips, you can’t put the damn things down.

-Kenny Wallace

“My wife just challenged me. She rolls over and looks at me, ‘Hunny, I don’t want you to quit dirt racing. But, do you have to race every single day?’ Dirt racing is a little insane. It’s like potato chips, you can’t put the damn things down.”

“I don’t know if I need to race this much next year. I need to take a week off for Kim. I’ve wore her out.”

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