Joey Logano talks NASCAR penalty box

Joey Logano: “I’m still pissed off about it.”

Joey Logano is reflecting on his jail time at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Not literal jail, pit road jail.

After missing pre-qualifying inspection, 4 times. Team Penske stacked up four, 15 minute penalties. Final practice, was 50 minutes.

Joey Logano was force to suit up anyway. He would pull to the end of pit lane and sit there with all the other cars serving penalties. But, Joey Logano wouldn’t be allowed on track.

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Joey Logano talks practice penalty box on pit road
Joey Logano

I’m still pissed off about it

-Joey Logano

“I’m still pissed off about it,” Joey Logano tells Sirius XM NASCAR Radio about his time in pit lane jail.

He wasn’t pissed off about the penalty itself. Just the way it was carried out. “To do it in that way,” he describes.

Joey Logano and Team Penske made NASCAR history. They became the first team to sit in timeout for the duration of practice at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

“Those are penalties they’ve handed out before to other cars. But, they fact that it was only a 50 minute long practice, it was the whole practice. Other times, people have sat there for an hour, but it was an hour and a half practice.”

“So, the story wasn’t as big [for them].

That was the first time a team missed the entirety of practice while sitting in the NASCAR penalty box. Since, NASCAR has announced they are looking into changes for 2018. However, to keep things fair, they won’t make any changes to the rule during the 2017 NASCAR Playoffs.

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Two cars failed pre-qualifying inspection, 4 times, at Dover yesterday.


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