2018 Fastrak Rules Update – New shock/suspension rules

Fastrak announces new shock and suspension rules – Aiming to save money

Back in November 2017, Fastrak announced a new shock and suspension package. That post was eventually removed and the announcement was postponed.

“I have removed the shock/spring rule post. I have gotten to old to hear people continually beat up on me for something I have spent 10 years working on,” Stan Lester stated.

Now, the announcement has been made. See the update below:

Fastrak Announcement

“Obviously some people will love this, some will not, but please keep in mind our goal is only one thing. To keep more people in the game.”

(Note: changes may occur during the season based on things learned during the season. Droop rule may be included once it’s perfected).

(Note: Screven event in FEBUARY will be RAN UNDER 2017 rules package.)

Fastrak Shock and Suspension Rules for 2018

-No bumps, external or internal
-No air shocks
-Shocks must fully compress by hand (200 lbs max to compress)
-One spring per corner
-Spring must be magnetic material
-1 spring rubber per wheel only
-One shock per wheel
-Dummy shock allowed on LR
-Deck Max 39 inch maximum/38 inch minimum – measured from middle of t bar to ground
-No springs of exotic materials
-No progressive springs
-One standard “take up” spring per wheel. No air, pneumatic, etc allowed. (30 lbs pressure max)
-Must come through pre race tech without shock covers
-Top 5 can protest and back protest and/or claim

(Claim Rule):

Shock Claim: $800 per corner
Spring Claim: $100 per corner


1) Refuse tech – no points for that event, lost all monies – 30 day suspension

2) Refuse claim- no points for that event, loss of all monies – 30 day suspension

3) Illegal springs and/or shocks- no points for that event – loss of monies – 30 day suspension- $500 fine


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