Cole Custer recalls the tackle of John Hunter Nemechek

Was Cole Custer worried about a call from his boss after that incident?

In 2016, Cole Custer and John Hunter Nemechek were racing on the final lap at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. They were both racing for the win.

Nemechek gave him a bump to the rear bumper in the second to last corner. He then gave him another bump in the final corner. Off the final corner and onto the front straight, Nemechek pulled along side and just pushed them both off the racing surface.

They both crossed the finish line, in the grass. Custer lost by a few inches. But, the moment, straight out of Days of Thunder will never be forgotten.

Nemechek came to a stop on the front straight away after the win. He was searching for the flag, he wanted to celebrate. Cole Custer saw this and snapped. He jumped over the pit wall and sprinted across the race track.

Nemechek thought about running or just doing a fake. Instead, he braced for impact. Custer tackled Nemechek at full speed. Crews quickly separated the two NASCAR Truck Series drivers. But, Cole Custer went in. It’s engraved in the ‘classic’ section of the NASCAR archives.

“I did go in,” Cole Custer recalls the tackle at the NASCAR media day tour at the Charlotte Convention Center. “I kinda snapped.”

Cole Custer vs John Hunter Nemechek Fight - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
Cole Custer tackles John Hunter Nemechek at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

The Fox crew had a great follow up question. After that incident, who was Cole Custer most worried about when he got back to his phone? I hope this person hasn’t called or texted about the altercation.

Who was that person you might have been worried about?

“I guess Gene Haas and everybody at JR Motorsports. Hopefully, they weren’t pissed off at me.”

“But, it turned out to be alright.”

There’s a gif of that incident. Has Cole Custer ever used it?

“I haven’t used it. I see it from time to time though.”

Cole Custer vs John Hunter Nemechek
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park


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