Brandon Overton is down to 1 car and 1 loaned motor; 9 races remain for Speedweeks

Overton: “It’s been a hell of a Speedweeks.”

Overton has been fast but suffered mechanical errors at Golden Isles Speedway. The official net results at the Georgia track were 19th and 16th.

Since, he’s followed the tour to East Bay Raceway Park and the page has been turned. This week, he has a near perfect record. Overton scored a 2nd place finish on Tuesday. Last night, he picked up his first win of the season.

“It’s been a hell of a Speedweeks,” Brandon Overton told after his win. “We’ve been tearing up motors, tearing up stuff, left and right. We’ve got one motor and one car put together.”

Brandon Overton and Gregg Satterlee at East Bay 8803
Brandon Overton and Gregg Satterlee at East Bay

Overton has 3 more nights of racing at East Bay Raceway Park. Following is 6 nights of racing at Volusia Raceway Park.

“We had a good run last night. That kinda carried into tonight. We sucked at qualifying yesterday. We picked that up today and got us starting a little closer to the front. Hell, we just made all the right decisions, pretty much.”

Brandon Overton and Jimmy Owens were in a battle off turn 2 early in the race. Owens ran close to the middle in turn 1. Overton was glued to the top and coming quick. At the last second Owens closed the door on the exit. Overton cut down off the banking and raced to the inside in turn 3.

Did you think Jimmy Owens was going to leave you a lane in turn 1?

“I knew I had to beat him there. If you don’t beat ’em. The straightaways are so slick at the top, you can’t really get going.”

“It kinda gives the guy the inside lane. It’s not hard to be running 3rd before you get to the flag stand. Cause that brown is so good on the bottom there.”

“I told them before we ever went green — I said, ‘I don’t really want to lead the first lap.’ But, I guess I will if I got to. This place changes so much and so fast, it’s hard to know where to go all the time.”

“It just all played in our favor tonight. You just kinda gotta be lucky in these deals. You gotta have a good car. Everything’s just gotta fall you way. It did tonight for us.”

1 car and 1 motor, what happened?

“We broke a crank in one of them and one them blew a head gasket. So, I’ve got two torn up motors. This is a borrowed motor in the car.”

The motor is on loan from Randy Clary. Overton and his only car are set to run the rest of the week at East Bay Raceway Park. He planned to jump back to Georgia after tonight’s race in Florida.

However, Screven Motor Speedway has rained out. That means Overton will hang around to bring a few more headaches for the LOLMDS regulars.

Brandon Overton and Kyle Bronson 8350
Brandon Overton and Kyle Bronson

Ahead of the season, Kyle Bronson and Brandon Overton formed an alliance. Both drivers pilot Longhorn Chassis. They’ve been pitted side by side at both track. This week at East Bay three Longhorn drivers are parked side by side. Overton, Bronson and Davenport lined up in the pits.

How’s the alliance working?

“It’s good. We’re pretty much figuring out that everything Kyle does, I can’t do. And everything I do, Kyle can’t do.”

“We kinda gotta go off what we both feel. We drive the same, it looks like. But we don’t, we’re totally different. He likes his car a lot freer than I like mine. I gotta have mine tight and he’s gotta have his loose.”

“All in all, it’s working out.”

I’ve noticed that Jonathan has joined the Longhorn camp here?

“They kinda got their own deal.”

So, this isn’t necessarily 3 Longhorn guys working together?

“No, just us two. They kinda do their own thing.”


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