Bubba Wallace finished 2nd in his first Daytona 500

Bubba Wallace on Hamlin: “He might need to take some adderall for that one.”

Bubba Wallace made his first start of his full-time NASCAR Cup Series career today in the Daytona 500. He ran 2nd!

He gave a Austin Dillon a shot down the back straight-away. Austin Dillon went on the win the 60th Daytona 500.

For 2nd, Denny Hamlin and Bubba Wallace ran side-by-side to the line. As they entered the tri-oval, Hamlin pushed Wallace up the track. As they crossed the line, they ran out of race track.

Hamlin put Wallace in the wall. However, the finish line was already crossed and Bubba Wallace claimed the runner-up position by less than an inch.

“I got so many emotions going right now,” Bubba Wallace told FOX Sports after todays Daytona 500. “Congrats to Austin. RCR alliance 1-2, that’s pretty good.”

“I want to see the replay before I say something stupid. But, he might need to take some Adderall for that one.”

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“All in all, a great day for our team. Just an incredible experience for me to be here for my first Daytona 500.”

“He said I cut his tire down. It looks like the same move he pulled on Blaney at Martinsville. Hey, we edged him out, we beat him, so it’s all good.”

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“It’s the Daytona 500. Put that aside. My nerves are shot up. The King comes in all mad at me. He says, ‘After all that, what was the first thing I told you to do?’ He says, ‘Don’t wreck the car.’ ”

“So, thank you to the King for keeping me young and keeping him young as well. Thank you to the King for giving me this opportunity.”

“Hell of an ending for us tonight. P2 for my first Daytona 500, we’ll take it.

Bubba Wallace at Daytona
Bubba Wallace at Daytona (Photo: Richard Petty Motorsports)

2018 Daytona 500 Final Lap Video


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