Kyle Busch finished 2nd, again

Kyle Busch discusses his race at Martinsville after his third runner-up in the last four races

Clint Bowyer went to victory lane. Behind him, Kyle Busch was chasing the rabbit. He came up just short, losing to Bowyer by 5 car lengths.

“We tried to maintain and keep ourselves in the right position and the right spots all day long on them long runs,” Kyle Busch details his day via the Martinsville Speedway media center.

“We tried to save our stuff as much as we could to mount a charge late in the going. But, for us saving our stuff, the #14 team was able to save his stuff and he was a little bit better than we were.”

For the first 10-15 laps of a run, Clint Bowyer was able to nose ahead of Kyle Busch. From there, he’d just manage the gap. Based on what Kyle is saying, that appeared to have been the game plan in both directions.

“Just close, we’re right there. Just not being able to knock it through.”

In the last four races, Kyle Busch has finished runner-up in three of them. The only exception was Auto Club Speedway, where he finished in 3rd.

How does Kyle Busch view those numbers?

“We take solace, sure. Ultimately, we’re here to win each and every week. I know everybody is. But, we’ve been so close each and every week.”

“We’re right there. We’re knocking on the door, we’re trying. I wouldn’t say it’s one particular thing that we can pinpoint. We’ve just been beat by somebody hittin’ it a little better than we have.”

“We’ve been the closest thing to everybody. We’re getting beat by different guys. SHR is certainly one of the better teams right now. But, we’re right there, knocking at their heels.”


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