Kyle Larson talks about running 2nd, again

Kyle Larson claimed yet another 2nd place finish

8 times in 2017, Kyle Larson has finished 2nd in a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race. There’s only been 28 races. Kyle Larson has finished in the runner-up position, nearly 30% of the time.

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Today, he finished 2nd, yet again. But he’s ok with 2nd. He believes top 5’s will carry him to Homestead.

Watch the New Hampshire post-race interview of Kyle Larson below.

Kyle Larson

“I felt like on really long runs I was fairly equal to those guys in front of me,” Kyle Larson says after his 2nd place finish to Kyle Busch.

“On the short run there, I could get pointed to exit but I couldn’t get the throttle down. I’d get loose. He just was really good. I think the #78 was also really good but he had his troubles.”

“Solid effort for us. We finished 2nd again. That’s a lot of 2nd place finishes this year. But, I’m fine with 2nd. Top 5’s will get us to Homestead.”

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Kyle Larson on finishing 2nd
Kyle Larson at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Short Tracks

“You know, normally I’m struggling on short tracks,” Kyle Larson states.

“But this year, we’re pretty good.

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2nd Place

“Obviously, you want to win,” Kyle Larson states from the pit lane at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

“2nd’s the first loser. But 2nd’s also, not bad. Especially when you get to the playoff’s.”

“Winning is very important. But, also having consistency is just as important. We got a 5th last week, a 2nd today with even better stage points.”

“So, that was pretty much the day that we needed. A win would have been great, but 2nd is just as good.”

Author: Shane Walters

Kyle Larson Interview
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