Martinsville Speedway Radio Chatter (March 2018)

Joel Edmonds (#10 spotter): “Oh the watermelon guy, someone needs to whoop his ass.”

Martinsville disagreements: Suarez/Blaney; Edmonds/Chastain; Kyle Busch/Cole Whitt’s crew; Johnson/Logano; Hamlin/Harvick; McMurray/Dillon

Martinsville Speedway brings some much needed short track racing to the NASCAR schedule. With short track racing comes the bumping. With the bumping comes entertaining radio chatter for us all to enjoy.

Blaney put the bumper to Daniel Suarez off turn 4 while racing for the lead.

Daniel Suarez: “What that (expletive) is trying to do?”

Joel Edmonds (#10 spotter): “Oh the watermelon guy, someone needs to whoop his ass.”

Cole Whitt’s crew jumped into their pit stall. This took place just as Kyle Busch leaving his stall. The jackman for Whitt jumped over the nose of Kyle Busch.

Kyle Busch: “Good job crew. Fucking idiots.”

Joey Logano let Jimmie Johnson by earlier in the race. He expected the same thing in return later on. He didn’t get that. Instead, Joey Logano ran all over the left rear of Jimmie Johnson. He then turned into him down the straight.

Jimmie Johnson: “He just hit me on the straight, going into the turn.”

Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick were another pair to trade bumpers during the race. Denny put a few bumps and Kevin Harvick slammed the brakes. Squeaking the brake down the straight-away, Hamlin ran into the back of the #4.

Denny Hamlin: “Check the nose. #4 brake-checked me.”

As Denny Hamlin came into his pit stall, the crew paid no attention to the nose.

Hamlin: “The hoods floppin’ around.”

Mike Wheeler (#11 crew chief): “You said the hood’s flopping around?”

Hamlin: “Yeah. You didn’t hear me. Check the nose.”

That was a crucial moment of the race for Hamlin. He was required to make a second pit stop under the caution to repair damage.

Austin Dillon missed the corner. He either hit the curb or wheel hopped, that part is still unclear. However, McMurray was turned into the fence.

Jamie McMurray: “I left that guy plenty of room on the inside. I don’t know how the fuck he hit me.”

Clint Bowyer: “Hell yeah, boys!!! Whoohoo!!! Fuck yeah! Finally!

Martinsville Speedway Radio Chatter
March 2018


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