Daniel Suarez says his car failed NASCAR inspection due to a bumpy race track

Daniel Suarez: “After what happened during the week, we’re not really happy.”

Daniel Suarez came out of Dover International Speedway with a career best oval finish of 3rd place. Previously, he had best run of 3rd place, which came at Watkins Glen International. Overall, it tied his best ever NASCAR Cup Series result.

However, on Wednesday NASCAR announced penalties following the NASCAR R&D Center inspection. It was an L1 penalty for Daniel Suarez and Joe Gibbs Racing.

The team was found in violation of NASCAR rule The rear window decklid was not sealed properly.

Scott Graves was fined $50,000. The #19 car chief Todd Brewer was suspended for two races. In addition, the team was docked 20 car owner points and 20 driver points.

“I’ve had several conversations with my team. How that happened? Why it happened?,” Daniel Suarez told FS1 on Friday at Kansas Speedway.

“Dover… Sometimes people don’t really think about it. But, if you actually looked at the Fox camera I had on my helmet, you can see how rough it is and how things move actually in the race car.”

“We’re pretty positive that the penalty that we had didn’t affect the performance that we had in the race track. We have run top 5 in Dover almost every time that we go there.”

“We believe what we did right and what we did wrong in Dover. We know what we have to do to keep that momentum here in Kansas.”

“After what happened during the week, we’re not really happy. We have the mentality to go out there and be just as strong as we were in Dover.

In total, 8 penalties were handed out after Dover International Speedway. No teams will appeal any of the penalties.


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