Matt Kenseth: Fatherhood tips for Dale Earnhardt Jr

Matt Kenseth has some interesting parenting tricks and tips to share

Matt Kenseth now spends [some] of his weekend’s piloting the #6 Roush-Fenway race car on NASCAR circuits across the country. Aside from the race track, Matt Kenseth is a fast moving father.

At home, Matt Kenseth is also the proud creator of four girls with wife Katie Kenseth. Daughters: Kaylin Nicola (age 9); Grace Katherine (Age 7); Clara Mae (Age 4) and the most recent addition is Mallory Karen (5 Months).

Note: The NASCAR driver also has a son who races super late models. Ross Kenseth is Matt Kenseth’s son from a previous marriage.

Kenseth has fatherhood tips for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Both of these drivers came into NASCAR at the same point and they semi-retired at the same point. Now, Dale Earnhardt Jr recetly welcomed a girl into the world as well.

Matt Kenseth has some tips…

Tip #1

“Here’s the thing I tell all new fathers. You make sure that momma breast feeds. And you make sure she doesn’t stop breast feeding for like a year. Then, you get to sleep all night because you can’t do anything about a crying baby,” Matt Kenseth stated via the Dale Jr Download.

“At first, it’s a sympathy wake up. Then you realize, ‘Well what am I gonna do? Except have us both tired in the morning.’ It’s not being mean. But, it’s great for the dad’s.”

Dale Jr is perplexed to hear this tip, “Wow.”

“Then, I woke up this morning and walked the dog, take out the trash and drove the kids to school. With four kids at home, it’s pretty much a two person project,” Kenseth concluded tip number 1.

Tip #2

“The first 2-3 months, there’s just not much happening. They eat, sleep, pee and poop. There’s just not much happening.”

“They’re way more enjoyable after month 3. Cause then they kinda notice ya and smile.”

“The first couple months, you’re like, ‘Hello! Anybody in there?’ ”

Dale Jr: “I see her and I’m wanting to think she see’s me but I’m not real sure. I wonder what’s going on in their heads at this time.”

Kenseth: “Yeah. You’ll wonder that for your whole life.”

“Oh! Girl, I always go top to bottom when you change her diaper too.”

Dale Jr: “Yeah! The wipe? Yeah. You don’t want to give them an infection.”

Kenseth: “You’re all set.”

Dale Jr: “You don’t wanna wipe the poop up.”

Kenseth: “I’m glad you know that. Just making sure.”

Dale Jr: “No. That’s great information.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Matt Kenseth
HOMESTEAD, FL – NOVEMBER 19: Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the #88 AXALTA Chevrolet, and Matt Kenseth, driver of the #20 DeWalt Hurricane Relief Toyota, take part in pre-race ceremonies for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway on November 19, 2017 in Homestead, Florida. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Tip #3

Dale Jr: “At our home we have a fisher-price thing that rocks. She loves it. Then, there’s this other gizmo that she sits in.”

Kenseth: “I forgot about rule number three. Whitney Yates taught us this.”

Whitney Yates is the wide of Doug Yates.

“I would strongly suggest getting rid of any kind of swing or anything that moves. It puts them in a habit of having to move to go to sleep.”

With Kenseth’s first child, they would walk around holding and rocking her until she went to sleep. As soon as they laid the child down, she would start crying.

“Whitney came over one day. In typical Whitney fashion, she’s not real subtle about things… She’s kinda chewing Katie out, ‘What are you doing? You can’t do that.’ ”

“It took like two weeks of screaming and crying, which is just awful. We learned to get rid of everything that moves. It’s not good cause eventually they gotta sleep in their crib that doesn’t move.”

“We got rid of all that stuff and it’s been amazing. All our kids sleep pretty good.”

Dale Jr: “That’s interesting. I was hoping that wouldn’t be what you said. Cause I done bought like 5 things that swing.”


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