Car chiefs ejected at Atlanta Motor Speedway following inspection

Crew members ejected ahead of Atlanta Motor Speedway qualifying for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

Matt Tifft and BJ McLeod each failed inspection two times ahead of qualifying at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

NASCAR has stricter tolerance in regards to qualifying in 2019. Two inspection failures net a car chief ejection.

Both teams will loose their car chief. Brandon Lee (Matt Tifft #36) and Mike Chance (BJ McLeod #52) won’t be able to return to the garage for the rest of the weekend.

20 minutes ahead of qualifying, every other car was clear of the inspection line. Funny how that works out when the rules are more strict.

Tifft and McLeod were cleared on their third attempt while round 1 of qualifying was underway.

Update: Atlanta Motor Speedway qualifying has concluded.


Here are the new penalty formats regarding NASCAR inspection:

3 NASCAR inspection failures: If a team failed three times then they would not be allowed to qualify.

4 NASCAR inspection failures: If a team failed four times then they lose a car chief, miss qualifying and they have to make a pass through on lap 1 of the race.

No team failed 3 times or more during this morning’s inspection session. However, more inspections remain ahead of next Sunday’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.


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