NASCAR iRacing Results: May 8, 2020 – Martinsville Speedway – FNT (Video)

Live video of the NASCAR iRacing event from Martinsville Speedway – Watch the series finale below

Tonight, the eNASCAR division returns. The digital oval of Martinsville Speedway is set for the series finale of Friday Night Thunder.

Watch the eNASCAR live video below.

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This event has been held on Saturday in week’s past. This Saturday, the eNASCAR Cup Series will take the green at North Wilkesboro Speedway. As a result, this event is set to be run tonight.

What is Friday night thunder? As the eNASCAR division took shape, the field quickly filled with NASCAR Cup Series regulars. That left no room for NASCAR Xfinity Series, NASCAR Truck Series and ARCA Menards Series drivers.

That’s what this event solves. It gives the lower tier series drivers a place to race during the pandemic.

Ty Majeski and Anthoney Alfredo set the front row for the feature event with a field of 30 cars. 125 laps of digital stock car racing are up next…

Feature Report

Laps: 125

Green, Majeski is clear by a car length into turn one. Lia holds 2nd.

Lap 2, the caution is out. Multiple cars are piled up in turn one.

Green, Majeski leads the field. They run three wide for fourth into turn one. Todd Gilliland is around, no caution.

Lap 13, Majeski leads. Lap cars run three wide ahead of him. Lia closes within a car length of the leader.

Lap 25, Majeski leads Lia by just under a second.

Lap 27, Josh Berry works around the outside of Lia to take over 2nd.

Lap 27, the caution flag drops. Kyle Weatherman has been turned by Drew Dollar.

Pit stops

The field heads for the pit lane. Majeski is first in and first off.

Green, Majeski leads. Lia and Berry run side by side. Lap after lap, they remain side by side for 2nd.

Lap 33, The yellow is back out. Justin Allgaier is taken four wide. He lifts to pull out the center and gets run into from behind by Leicht in the process.

Green, Majeski leads Lia.

Lap 45, Justin Allgaier checks up as they lockup the brakes ahead of them. Ryan Truex beats on Allgaier’s bumper once again. He spins and the caution is back out.

Green, Majeski leads. Josh Berry takes over 2nd on the inside. Dollar, Majeski and Snider spin behind them, no caution.

Lap 57, Noah Gragson is around with some help and the caution is back out.

Green, Majeski leads. Lia works back to the inside of Berry as they continue to swap for 2nd.

40 laps to go, Majeski leads Berry by 1 second.

32 to go, Landon Huffman is around and the caution is out. He and Gragson were fighting for space into turn three.

Pit stops

The leaders head for the pit lane. Majeski is first in and first off.

Green, Majeski leads. Berry takes over 2nd.

Caution! Alfredo gets into the rear bumper of Berry and sends him into the outside wall! Alfredo had Lia to his inside and was attempting to drive deep on the outside, catching Berry ahead.

Green, Majeski leads Lia. Several cars tangle behind them, no caution.

15 to go, the caution is out as Ryan Truex is around. Stephen Leicht hits the race leader under yellow as he attempts to turn his car around! He’s been ejected by iRacing officials.

Green, Majeski leads. They try three wide for 2nd. Three wide for 6th as well. Berry is also flying though the field behind them as they keep crashing out of his windshield.

8 to go, the caution is out as Eckes is turned off the front bumper of Alfredo. Eckes tried to block the inside, it didn’t work out.

Green, Majeski spins the tires slightly but he holds the lead into turn one. Berry has cracked the top 5.

Final lap, Berry moves inside of Lia and Labbe. They bang doors for 2nd on back as Majeski drives away.

Ty Majeski wins at Martinsville Speedway!

iRacing eNASCAR Results
Friday Night Thunder
Martinsville Speedway
May 8, 2020

View full results from eNASCAR Friday Night Thunder below.


Practice (10 Minutes): 1. Josh Berry (19.925); 2. Ty Majeski (19.928); 3. Derek Kraus (19.949); 4. Alex Labbe; 5. Todd Gilliland; 6. Kyle Weatherman; 7. Stephen Leicht; 8. Anthony Alfredo; 9. Justin Allgaier; 10. Brett Moffitt; 11. Kaz Grala; 12. Stefan Parsons; 13. Landon Huffman; 14. Joshua Bilicki; 15. Ty Gibbs; 16. Ryan Ellis; 17. Donny Lia; 18. Christian Eckes; 19. Ryan Vargas; 20. Harrison Burton; 21. Bayley Currey; 22. Jeb Burton; 23. Logano Seavey; 24. Austin Cindric; 25. Ryan Truex; 26. Will Rodgers; 27. Myatt Snider; 28. Ruben Garcia; 29. Grant Enfinger; 30. Drew Dollar; 31. Chase Cabre; 32. Jeffrey Earnhardt; 33. Noah Gragson; 34. Scott Stenzel; 35. Matthew Mills; 36. Jesse Iwuji; 37. Chase Briscoe; 38. Brandon Brown; 39. CJ McLaughlin; 40. Spencer Boyd; 41. Drew Herring;


Qualifying (2 Laps): 1. Ty Majeski (19.954); 2. Anthony Alfredo (19.954); 3. Donny Lia (19.986); 4. Alex Labbe (20.002); 5. Todd Gilliland (20.040); 6. Stephen Leicht; 7. Derek Kraus; 8. Stefan Parsons; 9. Brett Moffitt; 10. Harrison Burton; 11. Justin Allgaier; 12. Austin Cindric; 13. Chase Cabre; 14. Joshua Bilicki; 15. Kyle Weatherman; 16. Bayley Currey; 17. Ty Gibbs; 18. Landon Huffman; 19. Kaz Grala; 20. Will Rodgers; 21. Drew Dollar; 22. Myatt Snider; 23. Josh Berry; 24. Logan Seavey; 25. Ryan Truex; 26. Ruben Garcia; 27. Scott Stenzel; 28. Ryan Ellis; 29. Grant Enfinger; 30. Drew Herring; 31. Jeffrey Earnhardt; 32. Matthew Mills; 33. Jesse Iwuji; 34. Ryan Vargas; 35. Brandon Brown; 36. Noah Gragson; 37. Chase Briscoe; 38. CJ Mclaughlin; 39. Spencer Boyd; 40. Christian Eckes; 41. Jeb Burton;

Heats Races

Heat 1 (10 Laps – Top 6 Advance): 1. Ty Majeski; 2. Chase Cabre; 3. Todd Gilliland; 4. Brett Moffitt; 5. Brett Moffitt; 6. Drew Dollar; 7. Ryan Truex; 8. Grant Enfinger; 9. Jesse Iwuji; 10. Jeb Burton; 11. Chase Briscoe; 12. Ty Gibbs;

Heat 2 (10 Laps – Top 6 Advance): 1. Anthony Alfredo; 2. Stephen Leicht; 3. Harrison Burton; 4. Joshua Bilicki; 5. Landon Huffman; 6. Myatt Snider; 7. Drew Herring; 8. CJ McLaughlin; 9. Ryan Vargas; 10. Ruben Garcia;

Heat 3 (10 Laps – Top 6 Advance): 1. Donny Lia; 2. Josh Berry; 3. Justin Allgaier; 4. Derek Kraus; 5. Kyle Weatherman; 6. Kaz Grala; 7. Brandon Brown; 8. Jeffrey Earnhardt; 9. Spencer Boyd; 10. Scott Stenzel;

Heat 4 (10 Laps – Top 6 Advance): 1. Alex Labbe; 2. Stefan Parsons; 3. Bayley Currey; 4. Logan Seavey; 5. Noah Gragson; 6. Christian Eckes; 7. Ryan Ellis; 8. Austin Cindric; 9. Will Rodgers; 10. Matt Mills;


B-Main 1 (15 Laps – Top 2 Advance): 1. Grant Enfinger; 2. Drew Herring; 3. Jesse Iwuji; 4. Ryan Ellis; 5. Ty Gibbs; 6. Jeb Burton; 7. Scott Stenzel; 8. Jeffrey Earnhardt; 9. Chase Briscoe; 10. Austin Cindric; 11. Ruben Garcia Jr; 12. Will Rodgers; 13. CJ McLaughlin; 14. Brandon Brown; 15. Ryan Vargas; 16. Spencer Boyd; 17. Matt Mills;

Feature Results
Saturday Night Thunder
Martinsville Speedway
May 8, 2020

(125 Laps)

Pos | Driver

1. Ty Majeski
2. Alex Labbe
3. Stefan Parsons
4. Donny Lia
5. Josh Berry
6. Chase Cabre
7. Derek Kraus
8. Anthony Alfredo
9. Noah Gragson
10. Drew Herring
11. Ty Gibbs
12. Myatt Snider
13. Bayley Currey
14. Grant Enfinger
15. Christian Eckes
16. Ryan Ellis
17. Joshua Bilicki
18. Landon Huffman
19. Kaz Grala
20. Ryan Truex
21. Brett Moffitt
22. Justin Allgaier
23. Kyl Weatherman
24. Harrison Burton
25. Jesse Iwuji
26. Logan Seavey
27. Jeb Burton
28. Todd Gilliand
29. Stephen Leicht
30. Drew Dollar

Full Race Video
Friday Night Thunder
Martinsville Speedway
May 8, 2020

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