Ryan Preece in wild NASCAR crash at Kansas Speedway (Video)

Christopher Bell and Ryan Newman came together and sent Ryan Preece on a wild ride Thursday night

With 86 laps to go, Ryan Preece found himself inside the top 20 and moving forward.

Christopher Bell cleared himself on Ryan Newman. He either wasn’t quite clear or Newman attempted a bumper draft that went wrong.

Either way, Bell was turned into the outside wall off the bumper of Newman toward the end of the back straight-away.

As Bell bounced off the outside wall, he came back across the nose of Newman which then turned him left and pointed him toward the inside wall.

Ryan Preece was just behind all this. He turned hard left in an attempt to avoid it. Amazingly, he nearly did but Bell clipped him in the right rear, lightly.

But, in the process, Preece was now out of control and with the hard left hand turn, he was on a ride of his own through the bumpy infield and toward the inside wall.

Preece went for a long and fast ride toward the inside wall. The impact was enough to nearly flip the car as it bounced hard off the wall.

Safety workers were at the site of the car in seconds. Preece climbed from his own car without the help of the medical team.

Before Preece walked to the ambulance, he even put on his fask mask. NASCAR protocol requires drivers to wear a mask outside of the car. Typically, that goes out the window as drivers climb from a mangled machine.

Preece comments after Kansas crash

“We had a fast race car right there at the end. It’s frustrating for all of us at JTG because we’ve been working really hard and probably had a top 10 car at the end,” Preece told NBC Sports after exiting the infield car center.

He added, “I’m alright. Just ready for this year to turn around. We’ll be back next week.”

Ryan Preece Crash
Kansas Speedway
July 23, 2020
NASCAR Cup Series


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