Bubba Wallace bumper sold at auction following Bristol altercation

Bubba Wallace dropped his front bumper off at the hauler of Michael McDowell; It ended up on eBay and sold for 10’s of thousands

Two weeks ago, NASCAR visited Bristol Motor Speedway on a Wednesday. For the first time, the NASCAR All-Star Race and All-Star Open were held on a short track.

Drama and sparks were expected. That didn’t come to be in the All-Star Race. However, the All-Star Open saw all the fireworks. The Open race allows drivers to make a last chance attempt to qualify for the All-Star event, a race paying $1,000,000 to the winner.

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Bubba Wallace and Michael McDowell were fighting for space in stage 1 of the All-Star Open. Wallace put the bumper to McDowell off turn four then ran his slightly wide off the corner.

As they entered turn one, McDowell hooked Wallace in the right rear.

“What the hell is that all about?” Wallace said on his radio. “Complete hook job.”

McDowell flat turned him and the fans erupted in approval.

This came just weeks after Wallace encouraged NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag. Which they did shortly after Wallace encouraged the new direction. At the same time, the series removed rules, opening the door for kneeling during the National Anthem.

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It also followed an incident at Talladega Superspeedway involving a noose in the garage area of the #43. The FBI was called but it was determined not to be a hate crime against Wallace as the noose was there since at least 2019.

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After the Bristol contact, Wallace was sent into the outside wall. His day was done and he lost a chance at transferring into the the All-Star event.

After Wallace cleared the infield medical center, he went to take a look at his machine as the Richard Petty Motorsports crew went to work, just trying to get in back in the hauler. Wallace then grabbed the front nose of his mangled machine.

He walked the length of the garage area with the busted nose piece in tow. He then dramatically dropped off the nose at the hauler of Michael McDowell. The fans erupted, yet again.

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Bubba Wallace bumper relocated to eBay

Initially, the Front Row Motorsports crew removed the contaminant from their pit area. The #43 bumper was instead placed near a trash can near their stall.

Later on, someone from the team collected the front bumper. It was then placed on eBay and the fans went wild.

63 bids were placed on the mangled front bumper, or at least what was left of it. The sale price of the mangled NASCAr bumper is final at $20,034.00.

The proceeds will now be donated to charity through the NASCAR Foundation.


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