Bubba Wallace wrecked by Michael McDowell at Bristol Motor Speedway (VIDEO)

Michael McDowell purposefully wrecked Bubba Wallace; Wallace says, “What a joke he is.”

On Wednesday night, drivers are in a battle for $1,000,000 at Bristol Motor Speedway. It’s the first time that the NASCAR All-Star event is hosted at Bristol Motor Speedway.

We expected to see tempers fly. And we got that on the half-mile short track.

Michael McDowell started on the first row in the All-Star Open. He quickly dropped anchor.

Several drivers where beating on the bumper of McDowell. By the time Wallace got to him, he’d had enough.

Wallace put the bumper to McDowell off turn four then crowded him slightly off turn four. McDowell then turned down the banking and hooked him in the right rear just before turn one.

Wallace slammed the outside wall in turn one. He was forced out of the event, in stage one of the three stage race.

“What the hell is that all about?” Wallace said on his radio. “Complete hook job.”

He just turned left in the middle of the straightaway,” fellow driver William Byron said as he had a front row seat of the crash.

Bubba Wallace on the contact with Michael McDowell

After the All-Star open concluded, Bubba Wallace walked down the garage area with the nose of his race car. He then dropped the manged piece on the lift gate of the Michael McDowell hauler.

“Just disrespect when you get hooked into the wall,” Wallace opened. “My hair looks terrible, sorry mom.”

“I don’t even need to see a replay. Look at that shit,” Wallace stated as he watched the video replay shortly after the accident.

“Wow. People say, ‘One of the nicest guys in the garage area.’ I can’t wait for the God-fearing text that he’s going to send me about preaching and praising and respect.”

“What a joke he is,” Wallace concluded.

Bubba Wallace crash video
Bristol Motor Speedway


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