Bubba Wallace loses real-world NASCAR sponsorship after rage quitting iRacing event (Video)

Watch Bubba Wallace’s reaction as he rage quits iRacing event at Bristol Motor Speedway

Seven NASCAR races are currently postponed. iRacing has stepped up to the table and created an online racing series featuring 30+ drivers from the highest level of NASCAR.

The events are shown live in TV each Sunday. They draw more than a millions viewers.

On Sunday, the online racing series landed at the virtual Bristol Motor Speedway. On the drop of the green, chaos ensued.

The crash

On lap 11 of 150, Bubba Wallace was battling for position with Clint Bowyer. Wallace ran the top and Bowyer ran bottom.

Off the corner, Wallace had a run and got to the right rear of Bowyer. However, Bowyer cleared himself, not clear. Bowyer shoved Wallace in the wall.

Both drivers continued. However, in the next corner, Bowyer purposefully turned right and put Bubba Wallace into the wall again.

“I got Bubba’d,” Bowyer said during the live network broadcast.

“Gosh man, this is worse than real life. These guys forget it’s a 150 lap race. Come on Bubba! Stupid thing,” Bowyer added.

Bubba slammed on the brakes in the middle of the race track. He then abruptly exited the game.

Wallace was on a rant in his live-stream of the event. The video shows Bubba’s reaction to the crash.

“Y’all have a good one. That’s it. This is why I don’t take this shit serious,” said Wallace said to his Twitch viewers. “Peace out!”

Bubba’s screen went black.

Bubba Wallace loses sponsorship after iRacing event

After exiting the game, Wallace picked up his phone and located twitter.

The tweet from Bubba Wallace: “Bahaha I’m dying at my mentions right now… I ruined so many peoples day by quiting..a video game.. Bahaha. A video game. Damn quarantine life is rough.”

Blue-Emu then responded to the tweet from their driver.

Blue-Emu twitter response: “GTK where you stand. Bye bye Bubba. We’re interested in drivers, not quitters.”

The sponsor rage quit on Bubba Wallace after their driver rage quit the sim.

Blue-Emu produces joint cream. They were on the digital version of Wallace’s car on Sunday. However, their sponsorship also extends into the real-world. They’ve sponsored Wallace’s ride on Sunday and they recently signed a partnership with NASCAR as well.

Blue-Emu tweets to Bubba Wallace

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