Daytona Race Results: August 14, 2020 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA results from the Daytona Road Course

Today, the ARCA Menards Series takes to the Daytona Road Course. The stock car division is set to be the first class to take to the new layout.

View 2020 Daytona race results for the ARCA Menards Series below.

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Daytona International Speedway hosted a practice session earlier today. It was cut short due to weather. Will Rodgers topped the times sheets.

Michael Self and many others didn’t turn a lap before the weather came in. Close to half the field will see turn one for the first time after the drop of the green.

Chandler Smith and Michael Self lead the field to the starting line. 101.8 miles and 28 laps of road course racing are up next…

Daytona ARCA Race

The race is set for the green, three hours after a weather delay. Teams have elected to install rain tires as well. Add another element, this is now a night race…

Green flag, Self gets a huge jump, he’s clear by two car lengths into turn one. The field runs in the spray of water behind them.

Taylor Gray and Ty Gibbs battle for 2nd. Gibbs holds the spot.

Heading into the backstretch chicane, Gibbs is on the bumper of Self for the race lead. He dives to his inside, They rub doors as they fight for space and run side by side through the bus stop. Gibbs pops out with the lead.

Lap 3, Ty Gibbs leads by four seconds. Chandler Smith has found the grass, no caution.

Lap 4, Will Rodgers is flying through the field! He started 19th and he’s up to 4th. Rodgers is running the wet weather line, the outside grove, cutting across the preferred groove instead of driving through it. The preferred groove is full of rubber and oil which doesn’t mix well with water. Typically, it’s faster to run anywhere but the usual perfected groove. Rodgers and Hailie Deegan look to be the only ones doing it.

Lap 6

Lap 6, Self now leads by 7 seconds. Thad Moffitt has looped it. He loops it back the other way, no caution.

Lap 12, Michael Self is running down the race leader. He’s trimmed the gap to just 1.5 seconds.

Lap 14, Self is on the bumper of Gibbs into turn one. He has a look on the inside but Gibbs holds his off.

Self runs wide into the final corner before the NASCAR oval. That gives him a run as they had for the banking. Self pulls even into the backstretch chicane. They run side by side through the chicane and trade paint.

They remain side by side into the final chicane after turn four of the NASCAR oval. Into turn one, they trade paint and remain side by side! Gibbs finally clears him to hold him off.

Gibbs cooks the entry in turn six! Self drives right by to take the lead just ahead of the halfway race break.


Lap 15, the race break caution is out. The field is frozen. All cars will hit the pit lane then restart in the same order they were before the yellow. Braun will jump into the seat for Mayer as Mayer is battling a hand injury.

Rogers, McLaughlin and Ori have elected to put on slick tires. They’re the only ones.

Green, Self leads them into turn one. Chandler Smith spins behind them.

Gibbs has a look on the inside of Self for the lead. But, Braun has a look on the inside of Gibbs as he bobbles off the corner. Braun to 2nd. Gibbs quickly retakes 2nd.

Gibbs has a look on the inside of Self as they head into the final corner before NASCAR turn 3. They run even as they head onto the banking. Gibbs clears him on the inside line through the long oval corner.

10 to go

10 laps to go, Gibbs has opened the lead up to 1 second.

6 to go, Self has closed the gap in a hurry! He’s flying to the run bumper of Gibbs. Under braking, Self gets to the inside of Gibbs into turn six. He drives right by. Self has a long run car while Gibbs is quicker in the short run, just as it was before the race break.

3 to go, Ori has a flat tire. He locked up the brakes into turn one, flat spotted the tire and it blew. No caution, he has to coast around an entire lap.

2 to go, Self leads Gibbs by 4.5 seconds.

Michael Self wins on the Daytona Road Course!

View full Daytona ARCA results below.

ARCA Menards Series
Race Results
Daytona Road Course
August 14, 2020

Pos | Driver

1. Michael Self
2. Ty Gibbs
3. Sam Mayer / Braun
4. Taylor Gray
5. Will Rodgers
6. Hailie Deegan
7. Max McLaughlin
8. Bret Holmes
9. Chandler Smith
10. Parker Chase
11. Thad Moffitt
12. Drew Dollar
13. Will Kimmel
14. Nick Igdalsky
15. Mike Basham
16. Ayrton Ori
17. Russ Lane
18. Con Nicolopoulos
19. Brad Smith
20. Tim Monroe
21. Bryan Dauzat


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