Race car rental driver crashes through Florida speedway bathroom (Photos)

‘Rent a race car’ gone absolutely wrong

Citrus County Speedway is a 3/8 mile long asphalt oval in Inverness, Florida. The central Florida race track recently hosted a rental race car program that went completely sideways for one of the racers.

View the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience crash photos below.

The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience takes old race cars from various divisions of the racing ladder, including the NASCAR Cup Series. The organization then travels to various tracks across the country and lets race fans step into racing shoes.

In this case, the option includes a short track late model race car. The engine package is a GM crate motor to the tune of 400hp.

On Saturday, the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience landed in Florida. The rates are 5 Laps for $199, 10 Laps for $269, 20 Laps for $449, 28 Laps for $599, 40 Laps for $749 or 50 Laps for $899.

Previous racing experience is obviously, not required. However, race car renters must be 18 years or older and hold a valid driver’s licence.

While exiting the track, the rental racer lost control of the car. It then went through a cinder block construction bathroom, all the way through.

What we have here is the most Florida story, ever. Check out the wild photos from Saturday’s crash below.

Your first thought is likely, “I guess the throttle hung.”

That would be incorrect.

Camron Ray works for the track. He commented on the facebook post regarding a question of whether or not the throttle hung. He said, “I can confirm that that did not happen”

Renters are responsible for all damage to vehicles. A vehicle protection plan is offered on short tracks for just $60. In that case, the maximum repair cost would be $1,000.

Did he buy the insurance? I hope so.

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience
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