Snowball Derby Results: December 6, 2020

5 Flags Speedway results from the biggest super late model race of the year

Today, the week long super late model show comes to a close in Pensacola, Florida. The half-mile of 5 Flags Speedway is set for the green flag in the 53rd annual Snowball Derby.

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Last night’s Snowflake 100 ended in drama. Stephen Nasse put the bumper to Bubba Pollard for the race win on the final lap of the Pro Late Model race. Nasse crossed the finish line first but was then penalized. Both of those drivers are in today’s race as well.

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Chase Elliott drove to victory in the LCQ race. The 2020 NASCAR Cup Series champion will start 31st. The 2019 NASCAR Cup Series champion is also in the field, Kyle Busch will start 9th.

Today, $25,000 is on the line. It’s the biggest asphalt late model race of the season.

At the front, Derek Thorn and Kaden Honeycutt lead the 36 car field to the starting line. 300 laps of short track racing are up next…

Snowball Derby

Green flag, Thorn noses ahead on the bottom into turn one. Kaden Honeycutt holds 2nd.

Lap 18, Kyle Busch has cracked the top 5 in his charge to the front. Chase Elliott is another driver on the move, he’s up to 25th after transferring through yesterday’s LCQ.

Lap 25, the race leader works heavy lap traffic. As Thorn moves to the outside to put drivers a lap down, he leaves the inside lane open. Kaden Honeycutt fills the inside groove and he takes the lead!

Lap 26, Mason Diaz is in the wall and the caution is out. Pollard and others hit the pit lane.

Green, Honeycutt leads into turn one. Thorn crosses under him down the back but he lifts into turn three and Honeycutt holds the lead.

Lap 51, Thorn is back on the bumper of Honeycutt. He has the drive off turn two and looks inside for the lead in turn three. Thorn retakes the lead on the inside.

Lap 69, Majeski gets loose under braking and skates up the banking as he works lap traffic. Kyle Busch has the momentum and he looks to his inside. Busch is up to 3rd.

Kyle Busch quickly runs down Honeycutt and takes 2nd away. Casey Roderick follows him through and takes 3rd away.

Lap 90, Chandler Smith has climbed to 8th after coming through the LCQ. Chase Elliott has also cracked the top 10. Both of these drivers on coming to the front.

Competition caution

Lap 191, the first competition caution is out. This is a controlled caution, the field is frozen as teams come down for tires and adjustments.

Running Order: 1. Derek Thorn; 2. Kyle Busch; 3. Casey Roderick; 4. Cole Butcher; 5. Stephen Nasse; 6. Chase Elliott; 7. Kaden Honeycutt; 8. Chandler Smith; 9. Corey Heim; 10. Hunter Robbins;

Green, Thorn leads into turn one. Kyle Busch runs wide into turn three and Casey Roderick takes over 2nd.

Lap 134, Kyle Busch is dropping through the field. He restarted 2nd and he’s fallen all the way to 9th. The car looks loose on the throttle.

Lap 150, Stephen Nasse takes over 2nd from Roderick. Adjustments have Nasse moving forward. Thorn still leads.

Competition caution

Lap 195, the second competition caution is out. This is another controlled caution, the field is frozen for pit stops.

Running Order: 1. Derek Thorn; 2. Stephen Nasse; 3. Chandler Smith; 4. Ty Majeski; 5. Cole Butcher; 6. Kaden Honeycutt; 7. Chase Elliott; 8. Derek Griffith; 9. Kyle Busch; 10. Casey Roderick;

Green, Thorn gets the jump and he’s clear into turn one. Chandler Smith works inside of Stephen Nasse as they battle for 2nd. Smith tags his left rear but Nasse holds the spot.

Lap 204, crash on the front stretch! Hunter Robbins, Casey Roderick, Michael Atwell, Corey Heim and others are collected.

Green, Thorn leads off turn two. Nasse holds off Smith for 2nd.

88 to go, Grant Enfinger and Boris Jurkovic rub doors for 10th. Enfinger takes that spot away.

77 to go, Chase Elliott cracks the top 5.

76 to go, Stephen Nasse is slow! The team thought they may have a battery issues after they pushed his car off the pit lane on the last stop. No caution as Nasse hits the pit lane with an issue. Ty Majeski takes over 2nd.

45 to go, Chase Elliott has a run on Chandler Smith off turn two. He wins the race to the bottom in turn three and Elliott takes over 3rd. Elliott is the fastest car on the track at the moment.

35 to go, Thorn is sideways off every corner and Ty Majeski is closing on a hurry in the battle foe the lead.

26 to go, Majeski is all over the bumper of Thorn for the race lead.

24 to go, Majeski rubs on the rear bumper of Thorn for the lead off turn four. Thorn runs wide and Majeski takes the lead!

Competition caution

Lap 278, the competition caution is out! The field will hit the pit lane for the likely the final time. The field will restart in the same order that they hit the pit lane.

Running Order: 1. Ty Majeski; 2. Derek Thorn; 3. Chase Elliott; 4. Kaden Honeycutt; 5. Chandler Smith; 6. Cole Butcher; 7. Grant Enfinger; 8. Derek Griffith; 9. Boris Jurkovic; 10. Kyle Plott;

It’s a very short 15-lap shootout to the finish! Green, Majeski leads as Thorn spins the tires. Chase Elliott takes over 2nd. Thorn fights back hard on the outside, he pulls even and clears Elliott to retake 2nd on the outside.

13 to go, Derek Griffith tags the left rear of Boris Jurkovic. Jurkovic spins and slams the outside wall in turn one. The caution is out.

It will be 5 laps to go. Green, Majeski is clear into turn one. Thorn drives it deep to the outside and pulls even with Majeski. Thorn clears him as they rub doors.

Thorn drops to the bottom and throws a big block. Majeski tags him in the rear bumper and shoves him up the track. Majeski returns to the race lead.

Ty Majeski wins the 2020 Snowball Derby!

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Snowball Derby Results
December 6, 2020

300 Laps – $25,000 to win

Pos | Driver

1. Ty Majeski
2. Derek Thorn
3. Chase Elliott
4. Chandler Smith
5. Kaden Honeycutt
6. Cole Butcher
7. Kyle Busch
8. Grant Enfinger
9. Derek Griffith
10. Kyle Plott
11. Corey Heim
12. Jeremy Doss
13. Travis Braden
14. Daniel Dye
15. Derek Kraus
16. Cayden Lapcevich
17. Jeremy Pate
18. John DeAngelis
19. Matt Craig
20. Paul Shafer Jr
21. Augie Grill
22. Kyle Sieg
23. Ross Kenseth
24. Jake Garcia
25. Boris Jurkovic
26. Dan Fredrickson
27. Jesse Dutilly
28. Casey Roderick
29. Stephen Nasse
30. Michael Atwell
31. Hunter Robbins
32. Chris Davidson
33. Preston Peltier
34. Bubba Pollard
35. Logan Boyett
36. Mason Diaz


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