Snowball Derby Results: December 2, 2018 – 5 Flags Speedway

Five Flags Speedway results from the 2018 Snowball Derby in Pensacola, Florida

Today, the Snowball Derby is set to take the green on the 1/2-mile oval. 5 Flags Speedway hosts the asphalt super late model event in Pensacola, Florida.

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Harrison Burton and Cole Butcher will lead the field to the green flag. It’s a 300-lap race that will pay $25,000 to the winner. There’s no former winners in the field. The 51st annual Snowball Derby will see a new winner.

2018 Snowball Derby – Report

Green flag, Harrison Burton gets the jump. He wins the race to the bottom in turn one. Jeff Choquette works around Butcher as well.

Lap 15, Ty Majeski is moving to the front. He started 18th but he’s just cracked the top ten. Preston Peltier started 3rd, he’s fallen outside the top 15 in a hurry.

Lap 27, Choquette has caught the back bumper of Harrison Burton. The leader works lap traffic.

Lap 44, trouble in turn two. The #37 of Kaden Honeycutt tangles with another driver just ahead of the leader. Choquette made it threw but he picked up light door damage on his way by the accident.

Green, Burton noses ahead on the bottom lane. Choquette hangs on his right rear at corner entry but he pushes up the track in the center of the corner. Burton leads by two car lengths off turn two. Trouble behind them, four cars tangle and bring out another caution. The inside lane stacked up. Several cars played bumper tag and something had to give. Stewart Friesen is out of the race with damage.

Green, Choquette gets a huge jump on the outside lane. He noses ahead at the entry to turn one. He drives it deep and holds it on the bottom. Choquette is clear of Burton, new leader.

Lap 67, Burton has a run off the corner. He looks to the inside. Clear, Burton returns to the lead.

Lap 88, Honeycutt is around once again. That’s the third caution he’s been involved in so far.

The field heads to the pit lane. Noah Gragson picks up several positions in his Kyle Busch Motorsports machine. He’ll lead them to the green. Burton will restart in 7th. The red flag is out for repair of a 6 inch hole in the racing surface.

Green, Raphael Lessard checks up to let his teammate Gragson to the bottom. Gragson leads off turn two. Lessard is looking for the lead in turn three. Gragson gives him room but he holds him off. A lap later, Gragson bobbles off turn four. Lessard moves by on the bottom. Lessard takes the lead into turn one.

Lap 125, Harrison Burton is fighting his way back to the front. He pulls to the bumper of Gragson for 3rd. Gragson runs high and leaves the bottom lane open as Burton drives by.

Lap 134, Bubba Pollard puts the bumper to Ty Majeski. He moves into 6th with the move.

Lap 150 Scoring: 1. Raphael Lessard; 2. Jeff Choquette; 3. Harrison Burton; 4. Noah Gragson; 5. Ty Majeski; 6. Connor Okrzesik; 7. Bubba Pollard; 8. Stephen Nasse; 9. Chandler Smith; 10. Donnie Wilson;

Lap 167, big crash in turn two. Michael Atwell, Kaden Honeycutt, Corey Heim and more are involved.

The field heads to the pit lane. Jeff Choquette wins the race to the pit exit line. He’ll lead Lessard to the restart.

Green, Choquette leads into turn one. Lessard hangs on his right rear but he can’t hold the lane off the corner. Choquette leads.

Lap 179, Chase Purdy is around down the back stretch. The caution returns.

Green, Lessard leads by a foot into turn one on the outside. Lessard hangs with him off turn two. They remain side by side in turn three. Back in turn one, Choquette noses ahead on the bottom. He’ll hold the lead.

Lap 200, Pollard and Majeski are nose to tail behind Lessard. Majeski dives to the bottom and takes the inside from Pollard. Majeski is now on the bumper of Lessard for 2nd. Majeski looks to the inside, Lessard gives him the lane. Majeski to 2nd.

Lap 208, Majeski has run down the leader. He looks to the inside. Choquette doesn’t fight him, he lets him go.

Lap 221, Stephen Nasse is in the wall! Nasse lost a wheel. On a pit stop prior the crew left the lug nuts loose. That stripped the threads. The wheel was loose and it finally broke the rim which put him in the wall.

Nasse is after his own crew. He just walked the entire length of the pit lane. As he gets to his crew he tosses his helmet at the crew and a fight breaks out with his own team. Most of the time the pit crew is hired race by race. Nasse after being tackled to the ground has told the crew to pack up and leave.

Harrison Burton heads to the pit lane. He’s the only car to do so. Burton will restart 11th with fresh tires. The track has just changed as the race is now under the lights in Florida.

Green, Majeski is clear by a car length as the flag stand. Choquette spun his tires but he holds 2nd.

Lap 233, Logan Boyett has a flat tire. The race remains green as he heads to the pit lane.

Lap 240 Burton enters high in turn three. He diamonds the exit of turn four and gets a run on Gragson into turn one. With that pass complete, Burton has cracked the top five.

Lap 250, Burton sweeps to 3rd. He’s running down the bumper of Lessard for 2nd. lap 258, Burton has a look to the inside of Lessard in turn three. Lessard shuts the door. The next lap, he shuts the door again. He finally gets around.

Lap 269, Burton has cut the gap to under a second. Majeski slices through lap traffic with no patience as Burton is coming.

Lap 273, Burton has caught the leader. He has a run heading into turn three. Majeski doesn’t fight it, nor could he. Burton leads off turn four.

Lap 278, Kyle Bryant is around down the back stretch. That brings out the caution. Burton used his last set of tires on the previous pit stop. Everyone behind him will come to the pit lane.

Four tires for all. Lessard stalls his car as the jack drops. Gragson leads them to the pit exit. Gragson will restart in 2nd.

Green, Gragson gets the jump, he’s clear into turn one. Bubba Pollard is around on the front stretch! He restarted 3rd and was trapped behind Burton on the outside line. Pollard got into the bumper of Burton then Pollard was was tagged by Ty Majeski and sent backward toward the inside wall.

Lessard returns to the pit lane. He was leaking fluid on the track.

Green, Gragson is clear by a car length into turn one. Several cars put the bumper to Burton as he drops through the field. Ty Majeski to 2nd.

4 to go, Gragson leads Majeski by 0.3 seconds. Majeski is closing. 1 to go, he’s on the bumper of the leader.

Gragson holds him off! Noah Gragson wins the 2018 Snowball Derby at 5 Flags Speedway!

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2018 Snowball Derby Results

Pos | Driver

1. Noah Gragson
2. Ty Majeski
3. Jeff Choquette
4. Connor Okrzesik
5. Casey Roderick
6. Chandler Smith
7. Donnie Wilson
8. Tyler Ankrum
9. Cole Butcher
10. Harrison Burton
11. Jeremy Doss
12. Derek Thorn
13. John DeAngelis
14. Chase Purdy
15. Jesse Dutilly
16. Derek Kraus
17. Jack Dossey III
18. Kyle Plott
19. Spencer Davis
20. Logan Boyett
21. Paul Shafer Jr
22. Derek Griffith
23. Dennis Prunty
24. Kyle Bryant
25. Raphael Lessard
26. Bubba Pollard
27. Stephen Nasse
28. Michael Atwell
29. Corey Heim
30. Kaden Honeycutt
31. Chris Davidson
32. Preston Peltier
33. Perry Patino
34. Stewart Friesen
35. Carson Hocevar
36. Austin Nason


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